Eacero — Personal Portfolio Theme

Eacero — Personal Portfolio Theme

Dozens of hooks.
No libraries.
You control the theme, not the opposite.

  • NO useless features
  • NO heavy frameworks
  • NO long shortcodes
  • NO 3rd/4th/5th party plugins
  • NO custom post types/taxonomies/noises
  • It’s just WordPress and you.

28 seconds is what you need to customize your logo.

Eacero is almost without features. At least, you can set logo and colors. The number of included plugins? Exactly zero. Shortcodes? Zero. Page templates? Portfolio only. Page builder? No. Mega menu? Not this time.

Featureless, lightweight, minimal and garbage-free, specially designed for creative dudes who have ZERO TIME to learn how to use a new framework/toolkit/plugin/panel plane or whatever.

Build your portfolio now.

Date: February 26, 2016