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Duotive 2WO - WordPress Theme

Duotive 2WO - WordPress ThemeDuotive 2WO - WordPress ThemeNotice: We are trying our best to aid all our customers in building their website the way they want, but we cannot offer compatibility with each and every plugin out there. If there is need for such modifications in the theme’s structure, changes will be charged extra. The same rule is applied to custom changes that have nothing to do with the theme. I hope you understand our position and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 1.396 – 18.06.2015 – Pending approval

  • Updated prettyphoto.

Files changed:

 /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/prettyPhoto/jquery.prettyPhoto.js /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css - version change 

Update 1.395 – 23.04.2014

  • Fixed the shortcode inserting with wordpress 3.9 update.

Files changed:

 /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/accordion/accordion-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/columns/columns-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/content-holders/content-holders-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/image/image-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/lists/lists-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/popeye/popeye-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/slideshow/slideshow-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/tabs/tabs-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_shortcode_manager/shortcodes/tour/tour-window.php /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css - version change 

Update 1.39 – 16.12.2013

  • Fixed the popeye layout.
  • Fixed the cufon replacement for the nivo slider.
  • Checked if there are errors with the new wordpress 3.8

Files changed:

 /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_slider/engine/js/slider-nivo.js /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/css/utilities/slider-popeye.css /wp-content/themes/duotive-two/style.css - version change 

Update 1.38 – 12.08.2013

  • Updated jquery to be compatible with wordpress 3.6.1.

Files changed:


Update 1.37b – 21.1.2013

  • Updated the twitter widget.

Files changed:


Update 1.37 – 11.12.2012

  • Update to fix problem with nivo slider.
  • Updated cufon for retina displays.

Files changed:

 wp-content/themes/duotive-two/css/utilities/slider-nivo.css wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/cufon-yui.js wp-content/themes/duotive-two/js/style.css - only version change 

Update 1.36

  • Fixed issue with saving social links in the footer area.
  • Updated prettyphoto script to work with ie9.
  • Updated jQuery.
  • Checked theme to work with wordpress 3.3

Update 1.35

  • Updated timthumb, in order to fix a possible security breach.

Update 1.34

  • Changed the theme core to be compatible with Internet Explorer 9

Update 1.33

  • Fixed problem with full width slider on all pages.
  • Fixed problem with Duotive Slider Manager and moving wordpress location.
  • Fixed problem with image resizing and some webhosts ( hostgator ).

Update 1.32

  • Fixed browser problems with anchors and Internet Expolorer and Chrome.
  • Fixed typo in sharing labels.

Update 1.315

  • Minor javascript fix that resolves 1.31 issue with sliders.

Update 1.31

  • Created a new widget: Duotive Contact Form
  • Added videos in documentation for displaying blogs and portfolio usage in newer versions of the theme.
  • Fixed problem with text logo and alignment of sliders
  • Fixed incompatibility between full width slider autoplay and bottom content slider
  • Fixed contact form inclusion of name in e-mail

Update 1.3

  • NEW FEATURE ! Easy shortcodes, no need to check the documentation, the shortcodes are displayed in wordpress editor as buttons for easy usage in content.
  • NEW FEATURE ! Added nivo slider with 6 predefined transition effects, and the posibility to turn on/off caption, next-prev buttons and bullets.
  • NEW FEATURE ! Added 5 more social icons for footer.
  • Fixed content scroller with incompatibility with chrome.
  • Fixed some typos reported by users. Thanks for that.
  • Corrected some work flow issues.

Update 1.28

  • NEW FEATURE ! Custom color for every page or post;
  • NEW FEATURE ! Custom background image in header for every post and page.


Update 1.27

  • Fixed problem with drop downmenus that lack description and Internet Explorer.
  • Added anchors to all the slider images, and not just the slide content.

Update 1.26

  • Added the option for multiple categories for portfolios.
  • Simplified the adding of blogs and portfolios, by removing the Category IDs and making it more user friendly.
  • Fixed missing separator with default blog template and blog with no extended date template.

Update 1.25

  • NEW FEATURE! Posibility to choose color schemes for each page or post in the page or post edit pages.
  • NEW FEATURE! Posibility to create unlimited blogs with the 6 blog templates. Same method as the portfolios.
  • Fixed compatibility with all kind of plugins ( WP E-Commerce ), who add jquery in the wordpress head, by moving mootools to the footer.

Update 1.2

  • Added 8 new patterned backgrounds for every color.
  • Added a unique image slider.
  • Added 6 new cufon fonts.
  • Added options for the full-width slidehow to turn on/off mini-gallery and captions.
  • Added compatibility with special characters in slide text and description. àâäèéêëîïôœùûüÿ
  • Added paragraph bottom spacing.
  • Added titles for footer sharing icons with translation posibilities.
  • Added fix for main cause for faulty instalation or broken theme.
  • Fixed content slider problem in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Fixed some font related issues.
  • Fixed footer social backend overlay bug.
  • Fixed slider link sizes and other slider alignment problems with diffrent content sizes.
  • Fixed 404 page and search page clearfix problem.
  • Made adding slide images more user friendly, and now there is no need to check for blank spaces.
  • Made some header.php code enhancements.

Update 1.17

  • Showcased slideshow capability in sidebar
  • Fixed problem with Plesk servers and meta boxes.
  • Fixed latest entries photo thumbnail display error.

Update 1.16

Added removal for jquery in plugins so there is only one jquery inclusion, therefore adding compatibility to a wide variation of plugins.

Update 1.15

  • Fixed the typo in duotive front page manager and duotive slider that was returning an error in local host enviroments.
  • Corrected pretty photo original’s css bottom image slider alignment error.
  • Added 9 new image sizes for galleries in posts and portfolios. For examples visit all portfolios with the read more button.
  • Fixed front page bottom content scroll not showing numbers and special characters.
  • Fixed bugs to silver color scheme.
  • Fixed header.php and newsflash widget bugs with Plesk servers.

Update 1.1

  • Added support for WordPress Multi Language plugin. ( WPML – ability to translate the theme and to have a multilingual website )
  • Added a new color scheme: silver.
  • Fixed issue with menu name and js call.
  • Added the current fonts with special characters for each one.
  • Added support for nested comments.
  • Added a new blog template – full width.
  • Added two new portfolio templates – 3 columns square and 4 columns square.
  • Added the second modal box – prettyphoto ( option in options panel to choose between fancybox and prettyphoto )
  • Added support for youtube, vimeo and other video sources as preview on portfolio pages – with prettyphoto active. You can checkout all the portfolio styles, they all contain videos.
  • Added a new video to the documentation: how to add a video to a portfolio item.
  • Corrected small details.


Before posting a support question, please make sure that you followed the video tutorials and shortcodes at the bottom of the documentation, and you checked all the options available in all Duotive Options Panels. Also if cufon or other javascript stopped working, please make sure that your installed plugins are compatible with the theme’s javascript. Thanks.


Exclusive features

  • Product tour.
  • Pricing table with table generator.
  • Tabs and accordions.
  • Multiple image frames.
  • 7 Slideshow options.
  • Contact page with working php mailer.
  • Full width collumns.
  • Multiple list styles.
  • Headings with icons.
  • Gravatar support.

Website general look

  • 2 main color schemes: Light and Dark.
  • 16 Color schemes: Business Blue, Amber, Anjou, Candy Pink, Ocean Cyan, Nature Green, Icelandic, Kaki, Lavander, Maroon, Orange, Papaya, Pink, Purple, Velvet Red, Scarlet.
  • 130 Backgrounds to choose from: 2 for default main colors and 8 backgrounds for every color.
  • 12 Custom cufon fonts.

General website custom options

  • Posibility to choose from text logo or an picture via url.
  • Choose from a left sidebar or a right sidebar.
  • Display breadcrumbs or not.
  • Enable predefined widget areas only if needed.
  • Single blog post sharing buttons.
  • Twitter, Facebook and RSS footer links.
  • Custom copywrite text.

Front Page Manager

  • Turn on / off manager, when is turned off the front page is displaying your latest posts.
  • Every section in the front page manager cand be turned on / off via admin panel.
  • Variable collumn number for widgets ( 2, 3, 4 collumns )
  • Intro text with posibility to disable the big button.
  • Front page bottom area with a big 1/2 width widget area, a latest posts and content scroller from a category of your chooing.
  • Content scroller with multiple option: category where to get the posts, the number of post to display ( when the number is 4 the controls become inactive) and select the order.


  • Posibility to turn the slider on/off.
  • Change where you want the slider to be displayed: only on front page or the whole website.
  • 6 Slider posibilities.
  • Slide manager: add new slide, delete existing slide, edit slide, move slide up, move slide down.

Unlimited Sidebar

You can create as many sidebars as you want, with the sidebar manager, and asign them to the proper page/post.

Blog options and customization

  • 5 Blog styles: default template, with no meta, with no extended date meta, list, with intro gallery
  • Choose that categories to be displayed in every blog page
  • Choose the number of post on a page for each blog style

Unlimited portfolios

You can create unlimited portofolios with the portfolio manager in the admin panel.

Multiple portfolio styles with 1, 2, 3, 4 collumns and templates: with sidebar, full width and portrait.

Custom widgets

  • Duotive Contact Details
  • Duotive Flickr Photo Stream
  • Duotive Like Facebook box
  • Duotive Like Facebook Button
  • Duotive Minigallery
  • Duotive Newsflash
  • Duotive Recent Tweets
  • Duotive Testimonials

Resources used:

Date: May 20, 2015