Couponer – Coupons & Discounts WP Theme

Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme

Couponer WP v2.4 – Coupons & Discounts premium wordpress theme. Perfect for coupons and discounts websites or business. It’s highly customisable with unlimited color options (from typo colors to boxes and overall backgrounds). It is based on Bootstrap v3.1.1 and latest WP version, beside that it is retina ready and fully responsive.

Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme

If you would like to check how profile page looks like you can login to our demo account with this credentials:

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Couponer – Coupons & Discounts Features

  • Retina Ready
  • Full Membership System
  • Submit Coupons & Discounts
  • Mailchimp Integrated
  • Advanced Search
  • Ajax Based Shop Search
  • Daily Offers
  • Profile Pages
  • Members Only Coupons & Discounts
  • Search by Category
  • SEO Optimized
  • WPML Supported
  • Unlimited Colors


  • Coupon Text
  • Coupon FAQ
  • Coupon SOcial
  • Coupon Categories
  • Coupon Newsletter
  • Coupon Popular SHops
  • Coupon Search
  • Coupon Daily Offer
  • Coupon Daily Offers
  • + Default Widgets

Page Templates:

  • All Shops
  • Categories
  • Code Search
  • Contact Page
  • Daily Offers
  • Expiring
  • FAQ
  • Full Width
  • Home
  • Top 20 (featured, Popular, Newest)
  • Right Sidebar
  • Full Width
  • Password Recovery
  • Register & Login
  • Submit Coupon & Discounts

Coupon Listing:

  • Featured
  • Popular (by click)
  • Date Added (by date added or by expiring date)
  • Top 20 (pick your 20 featured coupons)
  • Expired Coupons

Custom Post Types:

  • Shops
  • Coupons
  • FAQ
  • Daily Offers
  ===================================================== Update v2.5 18.07.2015.  + Fixed missing code options. + Fixed content on code submit. + Fixed bug on login page where users can not log in  ===================================================== 14.07.2015. Update v2.4 + Fixed bug with listing filtering by label. + Fixed grammatical error on registration page. + Fixed bug with page subtitles. + Fixed bug with image aligning in the editor. + Fixed bug with modal on small screens. + Fixed bug with encodings on home page. + Added rest of the field from the submit form to be added in the email. + Improved captcha. + Improved pagination. + Updated language files. + Updated smeta plugin ( resintall it )  v2.3 - 3/17/2015 + Fixed pagination 404 errors on shop single and code category + Fixed bug with the daily offers widget ( not saving selected offers ) + Improved copying script (some IE tweaks) + Edited files: js/custom.js singe-shop.php taxonomy-code-category.php includes/coupon_widgets.php v2.2 - 2/10/2015 + Updated ratings management + Added captcha on the registration form + Fixed meta tags for sharing on facebook and twitter. + Updated filters for displaying shop description on single code. + Fixed color of the footer widget text. + Updated font awesome icon list v2.1 - 1/28/2015 + Added columns for the codes and daily offers on the listing in admin panel. + Added abbility to control rates for codes and daily offers + Added one click install + Added ability to change your rate + Fixed overlaping sticky navigation over shop letter on All Shops page template. + Updated font awesome icons + Fixed visual glitch with action button on small screen sizes + Updated files: - functions.php - js/custom.js - css/font-awesome.min.css - fonts/* - includes/radium-one-click-demo-install/* v2.0 - 12/17/2014 + Fixed encodings on shop listing page. + Removed icon on single code page. + Fixed double content on code single. -+ Fixed z-index on featured ribons and fixed navigation. + Updated files: - single-code.php - page-tpl_all_shops.php - style.css - inludes/code_list_complete.php v1.9 - 11/25/2014 + Updated search field to not show history search and not to submit the form. + Fixed bug with removing latest blog posts on the home page.  + Input -1 in the settigs for the  Latest Blogs. + Added ability to manual activate or deactivate user accounts. + Fixed z-index of the featured label. + Updated files:   - style.css   - custom.js    - functions.php   - includes/inner_header.php   - includes/coupon_widgets.php   - includes/shop_carousel.php   - page-tpl_home.php   - page-tpl_top_20.php   - includes/code_lsit_complete.php   - page-tpl_all_shops.php v1.8 - 10/27/2014 + Full RTL languages supported by adding rtl.css file v1.7 - 10/17/2014 + Fixed category widget. + Fixed style bug with the navigation arrows on the daily offer singel page. + Fixed error with the wrong captcha on some servers. + Fixed bug with forcing coupon position in TOP 20. + Fixed bug with the removing blog latest from the home page. + Fixed band on poxes when viewing on phones. + Fixed blog active on viewing single code or single daily offer. + Added visual representation of the expired coupons. + Added auto code copy.( code is automatically copied  once the user click on the button and information about the copy status is presented in the modal window under the code itself ) v1.6 - 9/5/2014 + Added code single page + Added shop info on the expiring and code search listing page. + Added link to the code single on all code listing pages. + Added ability to remove blog posts on home page (Set option Latest Blogs to 0) v1.5 - 8/18/2014 + Added option to select how many codes to list on the shop listing + Added timepicker beside the date picker for the coupons and daily offers. In order for this to be applied you need to reintsall the Smeta plugin -> The plugin zip file is located in the THEME_ROOT_FOLDER/lib/plugins/ + Added option to select how to order the categories + Added coupon ratings + Added option to select by shich field to order the popular codes (clicks or ratings) + Added option to select where to place the ratings (noe, codes only. dailly offers only, both) + Fixed bug with the pagination on the shop listing page + Fixed bug with the expired codes on the home page tab listing + Fixed bug with main image on the smaller screens + Fixed bug with the button overflow on vertical boxes on smaller screens + Help File Updated v1.4 - 7/31/2014 + Fixed visual bug with alignment of the tabs on the home page + Added ability for the user to fill all the options for the coupon submit page and ability for the admin to select required fields + Updated languages files v1.3 - 7/31/2014 + Theme options:  - Ability to change the text on these buttons via theme options: Show Code, Pack Code And Open, Check  + Bugs - Fixed category display name on category listing (instead of the slug now it shows category name). - Fixed user display name in the "Recommended By" box (now it takes the configured display name under the wordpress setting "Display name publicly as" ). + Help Filie Updated v1.2 - 7/28/2014 + Fixed URL issue with pack & open button on vertical boxes. + Improved pack & open button and it will now put the code on the SHOW CODE button after click. v1.1 - 7/25/2014 + Daily Offer widget title leads to Daily Offer Single Page + Check discount button added + More distinctive difference between coupons & discounts added + Submit coupon or discount form updated + Top 20 Empty links on + icon fixed + Major CSS bugs fixed v1.0 - Main release 

Note: All credits are in help file and images used in theme preview are not included in main downloadable item.

Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme Couponer - Coupons & Discounts WP Theme

Date: July 6, 2015