Core Admin

Core Admin

Core admin is a backend template designed to be easy to use, flexible and easily customisable


  • Easy to understand code
  • Semantic code
  • Liquid layout (full width using %)
  • Advanced form inputs (range,iphone checkbox, datepicker, wysiwyg)
  • Tabs
  • Notifications
  • Easy to use Charts
  • Calendar
  • Source code commented
  • Documented


If you need technical support use the comments section



  • Minor CSS bug fixes
  • New gallery template
  • New tabs code, the new code uses jQuery.cookie to remember what tab was opened
  • Minified CSS and Minified Javascript is now include, no need to include 200 scripts anymore Core Admin
  • Infinite sublevel for left sidebar (thanks @sscowden for suggestion)


  • Fixed path for CSS and Javascript files on HTML demos
  • Charts script updated, you can now add tooltips using ‘tips’ class on table


  • Completely reworked substyles system, you have now 3 sidebars styles, 2 body styles and 3 bloc styles. Wood styles completely reworked.
  • Added icons so you don’t have to look for icons
  • Added galllery system
  • Settings pannel added on the demo so you can test substyles easily
  • Modal style added, so you can open subpages within modal boxes
  • Fixed a bug on page that didn’t have title


  • Fixed a bug on menu links with submenu
  • Added some styles on datepicker (now “today” and “current day” have different style)
Date: July 16, 2015