Commerce – Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

Commerce: powerful HTML templates for transactional based emails compatible with Apple iPhone, Gmail App, Apple Mail, Outlook & more.


Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

Commerce is specially design for stores owners and app makers who deal with transactional email communications. Use it in your Shopify theme, or build custom emails with content builders from StampReady and MailChimp.

These templates cover all popular webmail, desktop and mobile email clients.

The results:

Commerce is a complete responsive solution for online shops, service providers, mobile app makers, startups, entrepreneurs, email marketers and anyone who interacts with their customers via transactional email.

Creating responsive transactional HTML emails isn’t a simple process; you need to use inline CSS and table cells to ensure compatibility, and code your HTML to meet the requirements of so many different providers it can be tricky to get consistent results across all the platforms that today’s users receive their email on.

Complete Responsive Email Solution

Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

Commerce is the solution. A responsive stand alone solution that caters to these needs allowing you to use existing content builders to create beautifully styled layouts of your own, which you can then simply export as HTML files via your builder of choice, with literally no coding skills required.

If you are using MailChimp you can do all of the above with their content builder or use it with their add-on transactional service: Mandrill.

No more plain text dull and boring Order Confirmations, Order Follow Ups, Ticket Confirmations, Welcome emails, Password Reset or Announcement emails.

Let Commerce do all the hard work for you and watch your conversion rates skyrocket!

Commerce features include a lightweight grid system, rich typography, layout elements and three starter themes with 12 pre-made templates to get you up and running in no time.

StampReady Builder

Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

StampReady is an online newsletters service that offers a powerful content builder. You can use the StampReady Builder free by registering at

Checkout the online demos: default, light, sharp.


Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates


Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates


Commerce - Responsive Transactional Email HTML Templates

Apple Mail 7/8, Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2013, Outlook 2016 OS X, Thunderbird 38.

Android 4.4, Gmail App Android, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Retina, iPad Mini.

AOL Mail, Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365,, Yahoo! Mail
(tested on Explorer, Firefox and Chrome).

Note: border-radius not supported in Outlook 2010/13; background-image not supported in Outlook 2003/10/13 and Gmail App; limited  web font support.


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