Coming Soon Teaser || SVEN

Coming Soon Teaser || SVEN

Coming Soon Teaser || SVEN

About SVEN

Sven is a unique, creative and minimal coming soon teaser Template with typographic animations which can used for coming soon pages, intro pages, product launch promos, etc.,


  1. 15 Unique animations(More animations to come)
  2. Easily change the whole duration of the teaser.(or) You can change the duration for each scene in the teaser.
  3. Option to vary the playback speed of the teaser on runtime.
  4. Option to replay(restart) the teaser once it is finished
  5. Option to skip to the last scene
  6. More options to come in the near future
  7. Audio can be added to the teaser
  8. Well supported in all major mobile browsers
  9. Well Documented
  10. Cross browser support from IE9+
  11. Provides 7 Unique Demo Variants(Coming Soon, Promo Teasers)
  • Single Image
  • HTML5 Video
  • Youtube Video
  • Slide Show
  • Gradients
  • Animating Colors
  • Assorted
  • more variants to come


Version 2.0 | 31 Dec 2015(Under Review) - Added 3 exciting unique demo variants(Gradients, Animating Colors, Assorted)  Version 1.1 | 20 Oct 15 - added "youtube" video bg demo variant 


Version 2.0 | 31 Dec 2015 - Added 6 more unique animations - Fix alignment issue with firefox - Added support for multi-lined text - Added support for images and videos in alternate scenes - Added support for mobile specific images for each scene in the teaser(data-mobile-image) - more customization options for each scene(data-stagger-time) - most of the third party libraries are updated to latest versions - Added support for data-video-start and data-video-stop attributes for html5 video - .....and a lot more fixes  Version 1.1 | 20 Oct 15 - added data-mobile-alignment attribute so that you can align content in mobile different than big screens - fixed error with the subscription form in iOS - added support for multiple easing options which you can add to each of the text placeholders in the animations. This will give you different effects. Play with it. - added support for animation patterns you can add to texts which use splitted text animations 


1) Music used in the demos
“Danse Macabre – Isolated Harp”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

daPlaque – DEAD_LINE:

Ross Bugden – The Game is On:

2) Videos used in the demo
CC0 Public Domain

Adobe Creative Cloud Channel
Standard Youtube License

Step Up
Standard Youtube License

CC0 Public Domain

3) Images used in the demo pages
CC0 License

Designed by Freepik

iPhone 6 Free Mockup kit by Cloud Castle (ver. 09/19/2014)

Date: December 30, 2015