Ciola – Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress MagazineCiola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Latest Version

Ciola v 2.5.Full log at the end of the page.

Ciola: Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine.

Ciola is a feature-rich WordPress premium magazine and review theme. It has a sleek design with many unique features, including five blog styles, unlimited colors to customize everything and five styles to show featured images.

Testimonials From Ciola Users

I just wanted to say how awesome Cubell has been. I’ve had a few issues here and there and the support I have received is nothing short of phenomenal. The theme works great. It looks great. The service is great. Thank you! Divineemu, Ciola

This is hands down the best wordpress theme I have ever experienced. What I like most about it is the complexity of all the features but the simplicity of the theme structure and the usability of the theme. Support is also great by the way! ChristianMoeller, Ciola

Absolutely gorgeous theme, great functionality and amazing support! Thanks a lot! Cmijea, Ciola

This is definitely the best and most attractive theme that you can find for a magazine / newspaper. It has many options to modify your blog. Technical support is fast and efficient. I love that stays updated.Carvax, Ciola

Ciola is simply a beautiful theme. But not only does it look great, but i has a fantastic set of fully thought-through features, modules and post view types being my favourite ones. They are just wonderful. Yet above all the best thing of the best is THE SUPPORT. Fast, effective and incredibly kind; generally speaking: Cubell’s the man. This is how the things get done! Rafauke, Ciola

You can find many more testimonials and comments about the theme throughout the comments section Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Homepage Features

  • 7 different modules to build your own unique homepage
  • 4 different modern grid modules (4, 5, 6 & 7 articles) to show featured or latest posts.
  • Full-width slider to show featured or latest posts.
  • Custom Background Image or color
  • Custom general color (Borders, menu color, review boxes, etc)
  • 5 Blog styles for homepages set to latest posts:

Category Features

  • Show posts in different styles (choice of 5 blog styles)
  • Show a Grid Module (4, 5, 6 or 7 articles), a big slider or a normal sized slider above the posts
  • Upload custom background
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Set general color for category using a color picker (for menu hovers, review boxes, overlays, etc)
  • Custom Sidebar

Post Features

  • Full-Width Post Option (Added in v1.2 thanks to multiple user requests)
  • Fully integrated review / rating system
  • Reviews system options:
    • Three different styles: Stars, Percent or Out Of 10
    • Option to include a score subtitle
    • Option to include up to three pros and cons with custom titles
    • Option to turn on/off user ratings (user reviews). When a user leaves a rating, a cookie is left on the visitor’s computer with the relevant post ID, to minimize chance of visitors voting multiple times on the same post.
    • Multiple shortcodes available for articles: Dropcaps, buttons, highlight text, toggle (Faqs), alert boxes, columns and tabs.
  • Post Format: Video (Able to embed YouTube / Vimeo / Kickstarter / Viddler videos)
  • Post Format: Audio (Able to embed Soundcloud)
  • Upload custom background
  • Change the featured Image style (five different styles) or turn off completely
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat

Page Features

  • Custom Sidebar
  • Upload custom background
  • Upload multiple custom backgrounds for background slideshow
  • Set the background to any color
  • Set background image to full-width stretch, repeat or no-repeat
  • Set general color for page using a color picker (for menu hovers, borders, etc)

Page Templates Included

Widgets Included

  • Ciola Social Media Icons
  • Ciola Top Reviews (Can be set to show top X reviews from a category or global + Filter (All time/Last Month/Last 7 days/Only 2011/Only 2012/Only 2013)
  • Ciola Latest Posts (With thumbnails)
  • Ciola Facebook Like Box
  • Ciola 125px x 125px ads
  • Ciola Tabs (Show multiple widgets in one)

General Features

  • Clean, modern and dynamic design for a professional and engaging visitor experience
  • Integrated “to top” button
  • Access to the 600+ fonts from + drop-down menus with recommended fonts (hand-picked for their quality).
  • Option to turn off About The Author box in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off Lightbox in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off “Next/Previous” box in admin theme options
  • Option to turn off “By Line” in admin theme options (“By x on 01/01/2013 in Category” This appears in posts/modules/blog styles).
  • Three custom menu locations (Top, main and footer)
  • Main menu navigation has drop down capabilities
  • Top menu navigation has drop down capabilities
  • Custom Sidebars for EVERY category
  • Extensive documentation with images
  • Integrated related posts with images
  • Sample Dummy Content XML file included (does not include images from the demo)
  • Integrated optimized Google Analytics integration
  • Schema Rich Snippet Microdata
  • Fully Responsive design
  • Simple and intuitive Theme Options framework integrated
  • Very sleek Lightbox integrated
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Custom Favicon Upload
  • Custom Footer Logo upload
  • Custom footer copyright
  • Custom footer social media links
  • Custom CSS section (Best practice to avoid losing CSS changes on theme updates)
  • In-built pagination
  • Indented threaded comments
  • Dynamic breaking news in top menu bar which pauses on mouse hover (Can be turned on/off)
  • SEO-Ready – Everything is set as it should be. For example: Only one H1 per page and wrapped around the post title (NOT the logo – which is terrible SEO), images pull the alt text data, relevant Meta schema data, etc
  • Translation Ready with .mo/.po files included (French & Spanish already translated and included)
  • Set an Windows 8 Tile image in the option themes for Windows 8 users who bookmark your page
  • Custom Global Sidebar Position (Left or Right)
  • Designed with valid HTML5 + CCS3 code
  • Extensively tested with ALL major browsers and versions, including IE7
  • Multiple shortcodes included integrated straight into the TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)
  • Option of 468×60 Banner, 728×90 Banner or no banner at all

Found a bug in the theme? Or having problems trying to set something up like in the demo?

I have set up an exclusive ticket system at where confirmed buyers will be able to leave tickets to make suggestions, report bugs and problems with the theme. You will be able to do this for as long as the theme is being sold on Themeforest.

For all theme customizations (i.e. add or change the theme’s code to make it do something it doesn’t do or add specific functionality) you will need to hire a developer to help you out. It is recommended to look for one on as that site is run by the same people who run Themeforest.

Suggestions for future updates?

Please let me know of any features that may be missing, I will be looking to add more features in future updates, and hearing from users directly will help me decide which ones to add.

Update History

28 March 2014 – Ciola v2.5.0

 - ADDED: Facebook option/icon for author boxes - ADDED: Option in Theme Options to change hyperlink color - ADDED: Font-Awesome support (now you can insert any icon from here: ) - ADDED: Title option for Social Media Widget - IMPROVED: Background images now use the latest WordPress media uploader - IMPROVED: Colorpickers - BUGFIX: Post background image would load 150x150 version - BUGFIX: Validator markup error - BUGFIX: Gallery not showing captions - BUGFIX: Walker error when using PHP with strict mode errors on - BUGFIX: Numerous minor bugs and general code cleanup 

27 November 2013 – Ciola v2.4.0

     - FIXED: Child-Theme meta box bug     - FIXED: Mobile byline issue in Grids     - ADDED: Review Override Final Score Input Option     - IMPROVED: Minor CSS styling 

31 October 2013 – Ciola v2.3.1

 - FIXED: Child-theme template typo 

29 October 2013 – Ciola v 2.3

 - FIX: Background with void option bug 

28 October 2013 – Ciola v 2.2

     - ADDED: ready-to-use child-theme     - ADDED: new widget: Random post widget     - ADDED: social sharing block top of posts option     - FIXED: missing avatars bug     - FIXED: Breaking News block showing unpublished posts     - FIXED: module F clearfix that caused problems in specific layouts     - FIXED: Top Review Widget bug     - FIXED: Disqus comment count on entire site     - ADDED: option to turn search on/off of navigation menu     - FIXED: backend search bug     - FIXED: grids missing "byline" bug     - FIXED: numerous other minor bugs     - FIXED: Social Sharing Bug (Facebook Like box was hidden)     - IMPROVED: user rating to be slightly quicker     - IMPROVED: numerous other backend functions 

18 August 2013 – Ciola v 2.1

         - Fixed Social Sharing Bug (Facebook Like box was hidden)         - Fixed broken checkbox in the Footer section of Theme options 

17 August 2013 – Ciola v 2.0

     - 100% Compatible with WordPress 3.6      - ADDED: New social sharing block for posts (On/off option in Theme Options)     - ADDED: Simple category filter for Breaking News Block     - ADDED: Simple category filter for Homepage Grids/Sliders         - ADDED: Option to turn off "by line" only on grids         - ADDED: Option to turn off "by line" only on related posts block     - ADDED: category filter for Ciola Latest Posts widget (dropdown with all the categories available)     - ADDED: New module H introduced (Looks like Blog Style A)     - ADDED: New option to set number of posts to display in each module (modular homepage)      - ADDED: Google+ icon/option to Ciola Social Media Widget     - CHANGED: Ciola Top review widget category entry is now a dropdown list with all the categories for easy selection     - FIXED: Small slider on homepage wasn't displaying posts properly     - FIXED: user review some times saving wrong result during first 2 votes bug      - Reverted jQuery to default version that comes with WordPress      - FIXED lightbox bug that in certain circumstances would remain on even if turned off in theme options     - FIXED bug when using Yoast SEO (duplicate blog title in tab name)     - FIXED bug that caused media search (Backend) to not function properly     - FIXED bug with related posts block that showed duplicate posts in different languages when using WPML     - FIXED mutliple other minor bugs reported 

15 July 2013 – Ciola v 1.8

     - ADDED: option to have blog style B2 (full-width, no sidebar) on homepage     - ADDED: full-width author template      - ADDED: Google plus option to author profiles and boxes     - Fixed minor next/previous box css bug     - ADDED: new "follow/no follow" option to buttons shortcode     - Made author sprite image have a transparent background (for those who modify background color)     - ADDED: Child-theme support     - Fixed bug that made only one category box appear in some modules/blog styles     - Fixed Blog style C bug that shows "by line" even if turned on in theme options     - Fixed bug: If a post has a custom "excerpt", it will show that in all modules/blog styles instead of the default first few lines of the post.     - Fixed Various other minor bugs reported by users 

13 June 2013 – Ciola V 1.7

     - ADDED: New full-width blog style (no sidebar) (user request)     - Fixed minor search bug in Safari browser     - Added the contact metadata to the "About the author" box     - Fixed issue of extra padding being added above/below YouTube video embeds when using the video shortcode.     - For people who use Custom Post Types, you can now use review boxes on them too (please read documentation)     - Posts/Blog style show all categories bug fix     - Big Slider on category pages minor bug fix     - Updated documentation 

06 June 2013 – Ciola V 1.6

     - Added "filter" option to "Ciola Top Reviews Widget" - Now can be set to show top reviews from "All time/Last Month/Last 7 Days/Only 2011/Only 2012/Only 2013" (user request)     - User Profiles: Made the "Show on about-us page template" + "Order" only be visible to "Admin" level users (user request)     - Added ability in theme options to turn on/off the "Next/Previous" boxes in posts (user request)     - Added missing header (H1 + Meta data) to video and audio posts     - Added ability to have nested shortcodes inside Toggler + Column shortcodes (user request)     - Fixed minor bug of empty code on pages     - Added ability in theme options to turn off integrated lightbox (for users of Jetpack carousels/galleries) (user request)     - Added option to Button Shortcode: Open in New Window or Same Window (user request)     - Fixed a couple of other very minor issues 

30 May 2013 – Ciola V 1.5

     - Fixed rich snippet bug     - Fixed page color bug     - Fixed missing translation     - Fixed a mispelt function call     - Couple of other very minor issues 

28 May 2013 – Ciola V 1.4

     - Added Option to Pages to have a custom Sidebar (user request)     - Category Editor: Added option to show category description (Off/Before Posts/After Posts) (user request)     - Added Shortcode: Divider      - Added Shortcode: YouTube/Vimeo (user request)     - Added Shortcode: Video Gallery (user request)     - Added option to turn off related posts (user request)     - Added option to turn off comments (user request)     - Added shuffling effect on Footer Social Media Hover     - Added ability to organise the order of the authors in the "About Us Page Template" (user request)     - Added Alignment (None/Center) option to Button Shortcode (user request)     - Fixed a minor error in the Spanish translation files     - Updated Documentation 

22 May 2013 – Ciola v1.3

         - Added option to enter any font from (625 fonts available)  (user request)         - Added YouTube icon to the Ciola Social Media Widget (user request)     - Updated Documentation 

20 May 2013 – Ciola v1.2

     - Added option to have full-width posts (Checkbox in the post options) (user request)         - Added option to turn off author box in admin theme options (user request)     - Added option to turn off "By Line" in admin theme options ("By x on 01/01/2013 in Category" This appears in posts/modules/blog styles) (user request)     - Improved some minor CSS details     - Fixed a minor issue with the translation file     - Fixed a minor issue with the Review Schema Markup for posts with reviews 

20 May 2013 – Ciola v1.1

     - A handful of minor bug fixes 

19 May 2013 – Ciola v1.0

     - Initial Release 


I would like to thank the creators of the following excellent free plugins that Ciola makes use of:

Images Used In Demo

All the images used on the demo website are only for demonstration and licenses to use them were purchased on and the copyrights belong to the creators of the images (except the Grass background used on the Lifestyle category background, which was obtained from during January’s Free File of the Month from Morning Dew). None of these images are included with the theme nor are they included in the dummy sample file.

Ciola - Premium Responsive WordPress Magazine

Date: June 21, 2015