Cephenus – Photography PSD Template

Cephenus - Photography PSD Template


This is a uniquely designed website template designed in Photoshop with a simple & beautiful look. PSD files are well organized and named accordingly so its very easy to change any and all of the design. Template files are built to be 1170 px wide.

Adobe Photoshop Compatibility

These layered PSD files are compatible with Adobe CS5 and later.

 - Well Organized layers makes it very easy to update  - Site content is 1170px grid wide  - All fonts used in the templates are available for download, the links are below 
This theme include 46 PSD files
 01_Home_01 02_Home_02 03_Home_03 04_Home_04 05_Home _05 06_Home_06 07_Home_07 08_Home_08 09_About Me_01 10_About us_02 11_About us_03 12_Blog_01 13_Blog_02 14_Blog_03 15_Blog Detail_01 16_Blog Detail_02 17_Contact_01 18_Contact_02 19_Contact_03 20_Gallery 21_Portfolio Categoies 22_Portfolio Standard_01 23_Portfolio Standard_02 24_Portfolio Standard_03 25_Portfolio Standard_04 26_Portfolio Standard_05 27_Portfolio_01 28_Portfolio_02 29_Portfolio_03 30_Portfolio Detail_01 31_Portfolio detail_02 32_Portfolio Detail_03 33_Shop Detail 34_Shop_01 35_Button 36_List Style 37_Pie Chart 38_Price table 39_Progress bars 40_Tab & Accordions 41_Testimonials 42_Typography 43_Fillter 44_Menu action 45_Menu icon 2 46_Menu icon  
Fonts used
Icon used
Photos in the preview image are used for display purposes and are not included.
Date: June 12, 2016