Captiva – Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce ThemeCaptiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme


Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme


  • Boxed or full width layout
  • Mobile friendly and retina-ready design
  • Sticky header
  • Color skins ready to use with more to come!
  • Banner image uploader on each page
  • Visual composer included HOT!
  • PLUS, Visual Composer Add Ons Pack! HOT!
  • Tonnes of Shortcodes
  • Left, right or no sidebars on listings and product pages
  • Display products in a list or grid format
  • Hide or show categories
  • Use background photos or patterns

Header Features

  • Optionable top bar to show specials or key messages
  • Adjust the height of the regular, fixed and mobile headers
  • Change the color to match your brand
  • WPML support for a multi-language site HOT
  • Plugin included: Predictive Ajax search results as you type HOT
  • Megamenu with image support
  • Change the color of the Cart icon (5 different ones included)
  • Layer slider included HOT
  • Unlimited sliders


  • 5 Different Homepages to get you started
  • Contact page
  • About page
  • Our services
  • Left and right sidebar options
  • FAQ dropdowns page
  • Pinterest style
  • 3 blog layouts and all the post formats (audio, video, gallery, image, quote, link, aside)
  • 3 showcase/portfolio layouts and details page


  • Visual Composer and Add Ons Pack (value of $40)
  • Ajax product filters
  • Wishlist optional feature
  • Layer Slider for beautiful slideshows (value of $15)
  • Cloud Zoom on the product details page
  • Shop Announcements slider to highlight great offers
  • Captiva Toolkit plugin by CommerceGurus for advanced customization
  • Ajax automatic search results as you type
  • WordPress SEO


  • Background photo and pattern uploader
  • Adjust the height of the regular, fixed and mobile headers
  • Pre selected colors or add your own
  • Show 2 footers or just 1
  • Fully customizable design: set your color and font for each typographic selector
  • Add a sizeguide to the product details page
  • Catalog mode – to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart option
  • Built-in Google fonts. Over 650 Web Fonts support with preview


  • SEO optimized HOT
  • Child theme support
  • Bootstrap 3 Grid
  • Shortcode manager with tonnes of shortcodes
  • 404 error page
  • Unlimited contact forms with javascript validation HOT
  • Video tutorials and demo files
  • Free support

Sample Data

Installing the Captiva theme demo data takes just minutes allowing you to get up and running in no time at all. The sample images are not included in the theme and are replaced with grey placeholders.


23rd June 2015 – V1.6.2 Changelog

 - updated to Visual Composer 4.5.3 - iOS fix for checkout buttons - blog layout bug fix for iPad portrait mode  File list   archive.php                           |   4 ++--  css/captiva.css                       |  41 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  css/responsive.css                    |   7 ------  functions.php                         |   2 +-  inc/plugins/ | Bin 145099 -> 138012 bytes  inc/plugins/           | Bin 3716647 -> 3725100 bytes  index.php                             |   6 ++---  style.css                             |   2 +-  8 files changed, 48 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)  

10th June 2015 – V1.6.1 Changelog

 - fix for latest version of YITH Ajax Search plugin  File list   style.css                        | 2 +-  yith-woocommerce-ajax-search.php | 2 +-  

3rd June 2015 – V1.6 Changelog

 - removed embedded Redux version - some minor css bug fixes  - fix for double description on category page - product schema enhancements - updated to VC 4.5.2 - updated to LayerSlider 5.4.0  File list   blog-left-thumbnail.php                            |    4 +-  blog-right-thumbnail.php                           |    4 +-  content.php                                        |    8 +-  css/captiva.css                                    |   25 +-  functions.php                                      |    6 +-  .../class-tgm-plugin-activation-enhanced.php       | 4429 +++++++++++---------  inc/plugins/                        |  Bin 3874485 -> 3716647 by  inc/plugins/    |  Bin 6208273 -> 0 bytes  inc/plugins/    |  Bin 0 -> 6374073 bytes  style.css                                          |    2 +-  woocommerce/single-product-reviews.php             |    4 +-  woocommerce/single-product/price.php               |   11 +-  

21st April 2015 – V1.5.2 Changelog

 - General css tweaks and improvements - Support for WooCommerce 2.3.8 

17th February 2015 – V1.5.1 Changelog

 - Pinterest share fix - Checkout text boxes fix for WC2.3 

13th February 2015 – V1.5 Changelog

 - WooCommerce 2.3 Compatible - Updated to Visual Composer 4.4.2 - Updated to  LayerSlider 5.3.2 - Option to switch off chosen.js on variable products - Improvements to language files - Some minor browser bug fixes 

12th September 2014 – V1.4.1 Changelog

 * Tweak: WooCommerce 2.2 Support - updates to some template override files * Tweak: Improved lang file support for plural strings * Tweak: Improved layout of shipping options * Tweak: Improved layout of checkout template 

25th August 2014 – V1.4 Changelog

 * New: theme option for top bar color * New: theme option to switch product image flip on/off * New: theme option to switch header layout type * New: added a new header layout option to place primary menu under the logo * New: added the ability to create a mobile specific mobile menu which can now be assigned to a mobile menu * New: theme option to toggle SKU display on/off * New: widget area added to just after the body copy and just before the first footer  * Tweak: Improved comment display in shop sidebar * Tweak: remove Visual Composer license nag * Tweak: updated Captiva Toolkit to 1.2.4  * Fix: Ajax search form markup bug * Fix: Top menu being displayed in the mobile menu position by default instead of the primary menu 

14th August 2014 – V1.3 Changelog

 V1.3 - “reboot Release” Thanks to the Captiva customer “reboot” for excellent feedback which has been incorporated into this release. * New: New Blog theme options allowing control over thumbnail display and sidebar position. Old page templates retained for backwards compatibility but no longer needed. Use theme options for blog layout. New blog layout theme options will apply to Blog index, archive, search and single blog page views from a single “Blog settings” section in Captiva Theme Options.  * Tweak: Showcase videos changed to be protocol agnostic * Tweak: hide Ultimate Addons teaser re: registration * Tweak: improved firefox field display * Tweak: code element now displayed inline * Tweak: pagination active state in blog pages now highlighted * Fix: improved support for BuddyPress forms * Fix: fixed Modernizr dependency for Ajax search when Ultimate Addons is switched off * Fix: resolved issue with external website links not displaying on Showcase items when video is used. * Fix: fix for cart show/hide display in header. * Fix: removed conflict with WooComposer icons 

7th August 2014 – V1.2 Changelog

 * Fix: Fix custom css issue by updating to Redux * Fix: Minor FF compatibility bugs fixed * Fix: Improved rendering on iPad landscape * Tweak: Better Layerslider noskin support - no need for custom skin anymore * Tweak: Disable preloader by default * Tweak: Update Ultimate Addons to 3.3.2 * Tweak: Updated Captiva Toolkit to 1.2.3 * Tweak: Improved demo data xml import 

4th August 2014 – V1.1.1

 * Tweak: lots of little performance improvements * Tweak: Improved gallery performance * Tweak: Improved product thumbs flip effect of list layout * Tweak: Improved product item layout in list view * Tweak: Updated to Redux Framework * Tweak: Various markup elements made more specific * Tweak: Reduced size of product thumbnail * Tweak: Added WP Retina 2x for improved retina support * Tweak: improved Contact Us/Map styling * Tweak: better default Layer Slider skin styling - no need for separate skin install * Fix: output http/https for logo * Fix: Main menu appearing on smaller breakpoints * Fix: preloader no longer appears on smartphone * Fix: background video no longer renders on smartphones - speed bump * Fix: updated Captiva Toolkit plugin version to V1.2.2 

Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme  Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme  Captiva - Responsive WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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