Capital (PSD Theme)

Capital (PSD Theme)

The “Capital” theme is very clean, stylish, and with professional look PSD layout. Perfectly suitable for corporate business or commercial product pages.

The archive contains the all of the main PSD fails plus screens of the different pages. The theme comes in five different color packages of 3 pages:

  • Main (introduction) page
  • Generic content (text-heavy) page
  • Clients/portfolio (image-heavy) page

The theme uses a few beautiful commercial fonts. Though you can replace them with any beautiful designed sans-serif typefaces (for example “Trebuchet-MS” )

The used fonts from the top to bottom are:

Images and graphics
All of the screens are taken from sites of the Envato network. The laptop icon is creation of “Parthiban Mohanraj” from Thanks him for the great work! parthiban.m(at)

If you have any questions, drop me a line here or via my profile page.

Date: July 2, 2015