Business Idea – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Business Idea - Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

Unique, beautiful, modern and responsive html theme for small business and portfolio websites.

Template Features

  • “AJAX enable” option with fallback for older browsers (e.g. IE8) and search engines
  • Full page background
  • Easy to use theme options
  • Custom sidebars feature
  • 8 predefined colours and easy to add your own color in admin panel.
  • Lots of user-friendly shortcodes (tabs, toggles, accordion, columns, price table, etc…)
  • Demonstration data import
  • Extensive documentation with video tutorials
  • Basic PSD included
  • Support and updates

Video Tutorials

Theme update instructions:

Version 1.7

This is major update. Please make sure that all important features of your website work after updating.

 - Security Update: updated the TGM Plugin Activation Class to the latest version (2.4.1) as suggested by the latest WordPress security news. - Fixed an issue in custom sidebars plugin (added id attribute to register_sidebar function). - JavaScript code improvements. - Fixed various JavaScript memory leaks. - Updated the bundled Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin. - Added ability to add links (e.g., <a href="">a link</a>) in a [dm3_team_member] shortcode. - Prepared the "Posts(Dm3Widgets)" for WordPress taxonomy term splitting since WordPress 4.2. - Other fixes and improvements. 

Version 1.6

 - Fixed the issue when the slideshow manager didn't add youtube and vimeo video. - Updated the URL where the theme checks for update notifications. 

Version 1.5

 This is a major update, please get familiar with the changes:  1.0 If you set "Hide page title" option to "Yes" on the blog page (the page you select for "Posts page" in Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays), the page title (e.g. white text on the dark background) will be hidden on the single post pages too. 2.0 Fixed the "Hide page title" option on the Blog page. 3.0 Updated TGM Plugin Activation class to latest version. 4.0 Added "Footer Layout" option to the "Theme Options". 5.0 Added ability to set sidebar for the front page. 6.0 Updated shortcodes plugin (dm3-shortcodes) to latest version. 7.0 Added theme update notifications. WordPress admin will now be notified when there is a new version of the theme available. He/she will see an admin notice.     The theme periodically checks to find out if there is an update available.   7.1 Update notifications are disabled by default, but they can enabled in Theme Options page (Admin > Appearance > Theme Options, "Enable Theme Update Notices " option).   7.2 I encourage you to enable this feature, as there might be important security fixes and improvements released in the future. It will be great if you get to know about those changes as soon as possible.   7.3 The notice will look approximately like this: "An update to the theme is available! The version of installed theme is X.X. The latest version is X.X. Please update the theme."  8.0 Removed not needed additional font awesome css from the front end. 9.0 Added ability to update bundled plugins through WordPress admin. 10.0 Fixed a number of front-end and back-end bugs. 11.0 Added Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin to the theme. You will be prompted to activate it (it's not mandatory).     This plugin allows you install/update any theme you purchased from themeforest. 12.0 Excerpt output improvement in [dm3_posts_carousel] shortcode. 13.0 Text domain fixes in custom plugins. 

Version 1.4.3

 1.0 Fixed issues that arised after updating WordPress from 3.9.2 to 4.0.   1.1 Theme options page.   1.2 Custom post media (slides) in the edit post screen. 2.0 Fixed the carousel prev/next buttons, that appeared even if all carousel items were visible. 3.0 Added page subtitle option to the single gallery item pages. 4.0 Added "Gallery item slug" option to the theme options page. This option sets the URL to the portfolio gallery items to /[gallery_item_slug]/gallery-item/. 5.0 If you open a media uploader in the theme options (e.g. logo select) and the post media (slides) the image will not be inserted if you close the media upload. This makes the image selection experience more intuitive. 

Version 1.4.2

 - Added "Page subtitle" custom field to gallery posts and set the maxlength of this field to 255. - Added gallery slug option to the theme options. - Increased the maxlength of text fields in theme options to 255. - Added "Plugins" folder to the theme package. This folder contains latest versions of the custom plugins used by this theme. 

Version 1.4.1

Fixed icons shortcode bug.

Version 1.4

To update the theme please refer to FAQ section page:

After you complete the theme update, please test important features of your website to make sure that it works properly.

 The theme was adapted to WordPress 3.9 Bug fixes Improved security 

Version 1.3

 - Fixed: category selection for portfolio posts in "Posts Carousel" shortcode - Fixed: background for theme options in admin panel 

Version 1.2

 - Added: select color for header background, links, selected menu item background - Added: Ajax preloader color (black or white) - Added: Google Web fonts: Oswald, Roboto Condensed, Yanone Kaffeesatz, Lobster 

Version 1.1.2

 - Fixed: small header menu bug in AJAX version - Fixed: latest posts widget bug - Added: ability to show page body (e.g. description) in portfolio (gallery) page 

Version 1.1.1

 - Fixed Dm3Shortcodes plugin js issue to remove conflict with other plugins js 
Date: June 26, 2015