Brooklyn Indie Band

Brooklyn Indie Band

As you can see, the theme is modern, pretty, clear and elegant. The primary idea was to make internet presentations easier for bands and I’m sure that Brooklyn indie band will help you with that. Its not just HTML template, this package has a lots of assets which will help you to make your band site look perfect. Take a look what you’ll be getting in the package


Layout is fluid and resolution goes from 1140xp – 960px. It has been done with ZURB Foundation framework, so cross-browser compatibility and easy modifications are present. Code (html, css, js) is neat, and every important line has been followed by comments so you can quickly adjust layout for your needs. Fonts that are being used are Google web fonts, you can can easily change them to suit your creative needs to match your band style. Soundclound integration is very easy and all it takes is to take the iframe code which soundclound generates, and the majority will automatically optimize inside the layout. You can also show youtube or vimeo video inside the featured section; you can check the example code inside the html.


Besides the HTML template, you also get the PSD layout file. PSD has been perfectly organized and layers are sorted by groups. This will greatly help you while preparing your assets which you’ll integrate inside the html template.


The things that are making this layout special, are the beauty of photography which are used. To fully match your photography into the surrounding, the package contains complete PS color actions. On the example below this text, you can see all the actions which you’ll get (note / the first photography is original while others represent the actions).

Brooklyn Indie Band

Inside archive, you’ll find 3 folders. The first one is HTML_Light which has the html template with html, css, images and js folders. Folder documentation contains html version of document which you’re reading right now. Inside the PSD folder, there are all PSD assets so as folder with free fonts and color actions.

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Brooklyn Indie Band

Date: July 18, 2015