Brama – Premium Agency Theme

Brama - Premium Agency Theme

Brama is a new creative agency theme for WordPress. This theme is ideal for creative agency/artist, fashion salon, architecture bureau or company/entrepreneur who wants to sell products online. Brama is designed to be minimal, strong, sleek, bold and incredibly smart.

Key Features:

  • 100% WPML compatible
  • WooCommerce 2.2.8 and up ready
  • Localization support (*.po and *.mo files included)
  • Dummy-data included
  • Unique modern design
  • 100% responsive and retina-ready design – from mobile to HD devices
  • Ready for your brand: WordPress Color Picker + all accessible Google Fonts
  • 2 Homepage styles – default (slideshow/video as background) and minimal (slideshow/video is under the curtain) + ability to display blog posts, portfolio posts, custom set of images or HTML5 video
  • 3 Blog types: grid, classic and minimal. Ability to show categories and galleries on the main blog page
  • 3 Portfolio sizes: large, medium, small
  • Simple and ajax pagination on portfolio and blog pages
  • Filterable portfolio + custom single post with project details
  • Shortcode Generator included (slideshow, carousel, tabs, accordion, latest posts etc.)
  • Unique parallax effects
  • Sharing bar + integrated Facebook Open Graph and Twitter meta tags
  • Infinite portfolio and blog
  • Ability to split “portfolio”, “blog”, “team” or “services” page into separate pages by including categories
  • Unlimited widget areas for menu, sidebar and footer
  • Child themes support
  • Intuitive and user-friendly options framework
  • Hardware-accelerated slideshows with keyboard navigation and swipe support
  • Unlimited slideshows on posts and pages
  • Advanced Google Maps settings
  • CSS3 powered
  • Accurate and valid cross-browser code
  • Optimized for “Contact Form 7” and “Category Thumbnails” (adds an ability to set up custom header for category archives) plugins out of the box
  • Includes Fireform WP Gallery plugin that converts WordPress Gallery into seamless responsive masonry grid + responsive lightbox
  • …and much more!

Brama - Premium Agency Theme Brama - Premium Agency Theme Brama - Premium Agency Theme

Credits (frameworks, js libraries, icon fonts):

Credits (theme preview):

Images that you can see in the preview aren’t included in the download.


 INFO:  [f] - feature added [c] - changed [b] - bug fixed  -------------- 1.3.1 (30 April, 2015) --------------  [b] Updated TGM PA (XSS vulnerability fixes) [c] Added target="_blank" to "Website" link (open project in a new tab) [f] Now "Client", "Services", "Website" in portfolio single post can be changed using 'add_filter' function. [b] FlexSlider updated to latest version [c] Updated required/recommended plugins versions  brama/style.css (version updated)  brama/admin/classes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/loop-single.php brama/loop-single.php  brama/assets/js/jquery.flexslider.min.js brama/assets/css/theme.min.css  -------------- 1.3 (21 February, 2015) --------------  [b] Updated WooCommerce CSS [b] Fixed content flickering in mobile Safari [c] Minor changes  brama/style.css (version updated) brama/assets/css/style.css brama/assets/css/theme.min.css  brama/woocommerce/css/wocommerce.css brama/woocommerce/css/wocommerce.min.css  -------------- 1.23 (20 January, 2015) --------------  [f] Added new divider styles [b] Fixed date/time format in comments [b] Fixed Contact Form 7 upload button styles [b] Added plural forms in translation files  brama/style.css (version updated) brama/style.css brama/assets/css/theme.min.css  brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/admin/classes/class.comments.walker.php  brama/languages/default.po brama/languages/  "Fireform Shortcodes" plugn  wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/ef-shortcodes.php wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/shortcodes/scripts/buttons.js wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/shortcodes/translations.php wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/shortcodes/shortcodes.php wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.css wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/shortcodes/css/shortcodes.min.css  wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/lang/default.po wp-content/plugins/ef-shortcodes-brama/lang/  Update plugins through Appearance > Install Plugins.  -------------- 1.22 (24 December, 2014) --------------  [b] Removed phpinfo() function (has been placed by mistake) from 404 page.  brama/style.css (version updated)  brama/404.php  -------------- 1.21 (19 December, 2014) --------------  [c] Improved "Import Demo Content" option. Now it's true "All-in-one" demo importer.  brama/style.css (version updated)  brama/inc/importer/init.php brama/inc/importer/importer/radium-importer.php brama/inc/importer/demo-files/theme_options.json  -------------- 1.2 (18 December, 2014) --------------  [f] Added new "Import Demo Content" option (doesn't require WordPress Importer plugin anymore) to "Appearance" menu. [c] Added additional functions for embedding custom stylesheet (Theme options > Styling Options). Solving not working custom color, fonts etc. issue on some shared hosting platforms.  brama/style.css (version updated)  brama/functions.php brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/admin/classes/class.redux.php brama/admin/main/enqueue.php brama/assets/css/options.php  brama/inc/importer/  -------------- 1.11 (16 December, 2014) --------------  [c] Fireform Shortcodes plugin was totally rewritten in order to work on shared hosting [c] Added an ability to modify portfolio categories ordering (by slug) [c] Minor changes  brama/style.css (version updated)  brama/templates/portfolio-template.php brama/admin/functions/functions.php  Update "Fireform Shortcodes" plugin through Appearance > Install Plugins.  -------------- 1.1 (26 November, 2014) --------------  [f] Added Vimeo and Youtube support to portfolio and blog [f] Added "Loop" option for homepage video [c] Improved HTML5 video in single posts [c] Improved mobile layout [b] Fixed minor bugs  brama/style.css (version updated) brama/assets/css/style.css brama/assets/css/theme.min.css brama/assets/js/app.js brama/assets/js/theme.min.js brama/assets/js/froogaloop2.min.js  brama/loop.php brama/footer.php brama/inc/ajax-posts.php  brama/admin/main/enqueue.php brama/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/admin/functions/metabox.php brama/admin/classes/class.mediacore.php brama/admin/classes/class.redux.php  brama/languages/default.po brama/languages/  -------------- 1.02 (18 November, 2014) --------------  [c] Improved mobile layout including WooCommerce [c] Improved lightbox touch support [b] Fixed TGM Activation Class bulk actions [b] Fixed HTML5 video on iPad [b] Fixed date format in comments [b] Fixed minor CSS issues  brama/header.php  brama/style.css (version updated) brama/assets/css/style.css brama/assets/css/theme.min.css brama/assets/css/shadowbox.min.css brama/assets/js/app.js brama/assets/js/theme.min.js  brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/admin/classes/class.conditions.php  brama/woocommerce/css/wocommerce.css brama/woocommerce/css/wocommerce.min.css brama/woocommerce/functions.php  -------------- 1.01 (15 November, 2014) --------------  [c] Improved mobile layout [c] Improved "Image luminance detector" script [c] Added tagline to front page title [c] Temporary removed ajax archives support [c] Changed video player behavior in single posts (fullscreen mode while playing) [c] Added link into slide/video title [b] Fixed HTML5 video on iPhone [b] Fixed minor bugs [b] Fixed post date format  brama/header.php  brama/style.css (version updated) brama/assets/css/style.css brama/assets/css/theme.min.css brama/assets/js/app.js brama/assets/js/theme.min.js  brama/admin/functions/wp-hooks.php brama/admin/functions/functions.php brama/admin/classes/class.mediacore.php brama/admin/classes/class.conditions.php brama/admin/classes/class.redux.php  brama/languages/default.po brama/languages/ 
Date: July 8, 2015