Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme   Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

Bounce is a powerful, professional and fully responsive WordPress & BuddyPress theme. If you want to impress your visitors with a good looking theme then look no further.

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

FULL BUDDYPRESS/BBPRESS THEME (not required though!)

Nowadays any theme will work with BuddyPress/bbPress, but Bounce is actually built as a BuddyPress/bbPress theme meaning it styles all the BuddyPress/bbPress pages to match the theme. However if you don’t want to use BuddyPress and/or bbPress, no problem, the theme doesn’t require it and works just fine without it!


This theme uses shortcodes to create the homepage. The shortcodes come with a ton of options and can be moved around the page meaning there is unlimited possibly for homepage layouts. The default homepage set up comes preinstalled with theme, but here’s a few other set ups to show you what is possible with this theme: Homepage Example 1, Homepage Example 2, Homepage Example 3.


The theme comes with seven unique skins, dark blue, brown, darkgrey, maroon, orange, purple, teal, giving you plenty of options to make your theme look how you want it to.


Once the theme is activated it automatically installs the necessary pages so you can get the theme set up in under a minute. Additionally you can install the demo content to get the theme looking exactly like the live preview site.


The theme is completely responsive meaning the theme adapts to any screen size from a large computer all the way down to a mobile device. Try it for yourself, resize your browser window and see how the theme changes to fit the window.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is top priority with this theme and is vital for a top Google ranking. Important content is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position so it is crawled first by search engines. Headings are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to tell the search engine they are important. The theme also uses heavy internal linking through related posts, primary navigation menus, sidebar and footer navigation.


This theme comes with an extensive help file that explains how to set up every aspect of the theme. If you encounter any problems or just have a question after purchasing the theme head over to the dedicated support site at


Here’s a list of some of the other theme features that were not mentioned above:

  • Pricing tables and price boxes
  • Lots of style settings to change the theme appearance (colours, text, backgrounds)
  • Tons of custom shortcodes with shortcode generator
  • Custom post/page/category options
  • Fully localised (translation files)
  • Image resizing
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Degrades gracefully if javascript is disabled
  • Compatible in all major browsers
  • BuddyPress/bbPress ready
  • WooCommerce ready

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

YOU ARE THE MAN! The tech support you give makes the theme worth every cent!

Ohhhh my! This is huge and so easy to use!!!! Veeeery nice job guys!!!! I am totally exited…pffiuuuu and also totally angry because I won’t sleep for next 5 nights! ^^

I’m going to be really tearing into this over the next couple days, so I’m sure I will be posting a lot here. I just want to say before posting any bugs I find that this is the best BP theme I’ve tested (and I have tested them all). Like any new theme it has a couple bugs (there is only so much one team can test for), but it seems to have a solid foundation. There is a couple other popular BP themes on TF and while they make look nice in a demo the code is complete junk.

I have to say that support is great. About mid-afternoon, I had a collection of questions (there were 5 of them) and I placed them onto the support site. All, bar one, have now been answered and I am very happy with that service. I said bar 1 because that one is a little more involved and GhostPool are going into my admin for me to take a look and, to be honest, it is probably not a theme error but a conflict error. I’m saying this here because I use the comments section to see comments about support, so thought I would let those thing of purchasing know Another thing, and this isn’t official, I’m using WooCommerce on my Bounce site and, following a single line change provided by GhostPool, everything works with no edits required on the WooCommerce files.

We have tested every Buddypress theme on TF and this is the only one we can recommend buying. It is a very strong base for developers and has just the right amount of admin features for non-developers.

I love your theme and wanted to thank you for your great support as well. You’ve answered a lot of my questions in the forum really well.

I thought I’d add that this is a great theme. I have been developing a really cool community website similar to a type of event page with it. Even with 3 or 4 large plugin integrations it is still working like a champ. Constant updates and easy to read documentations. Good job GhostPool!

Still the best BP theme around…we built on this theme, and yes we have done extensive modifications to the original css, but without the foundation of this brilliant theme, none of this would have been possible. thank you. – gregmc

Just want to let you know that this is my second Bounce WordPress & Buddypress theme I purchased. What initially attracted me was the dark blue color theme. It was perfect for one of my sites as my brand colors are dark blue, light green, and white.

I did extensive research before purchasing my first Bounce theme with all the other themes out there. Reading the comments people left on all the competitor themes really helped me in making my decision. Not only is the Bounce theme well designed, it’s also stable. Everything works. Key features that I wanted were a good design, Buddpress compatibility, and the responsive feature, which works on all my mobile devices. Tested it and works beautifully on my phone and tablet. Been developing my sites for the last few days and I absolutely love this theme. Learning how to use and implement all the provided shortcodes is the feature I like the most. Let’s me customize my site so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

I was tempted to purchase a different theme from a different author who had a few thousand sales, but after reading the comments on their themes, they had either technical issues or bad customer support, and the killer was their theme didn’t have the responsive feature which I think is important since the majority of people nowdays are viewing websites on their mobile devices. At the time of this writing, your theme has 598 sales. I’m really surprised it’s not up in the five, six, or seven thousand sales range. Anyway, I hope my purchasing your theme twice at least says something for anyone out there wanting to buy this theme.

Skill wise, I think one has to have at least an intermediate level of knowledge with WordPress to take advantage of the full feautures of this theme. The only issues I’ve had so far dealt with the Buddypress capabilities, which this theme is not responsible for.

Anyway, I love your work. I will definitely make my third WordPress/Buddypress theme purchase from Ghostpool. My closing question is do you currently have any further Buddypress themes in the works? If so, when will they be available to purchase? – ImReadyForMyCloseup

Just wanted to say, this is a great theme. I’ve used it a few times and it’s really flexible. Coupled with fantastic support you can’t go wrong! – alexdigital

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

If you run into any problems setting up or using the theme don’t worry, all our themes come with an extensive help file (which is also available online) and a dedicated support site. We also continually release updates to add new features and address any bugs, all of which are listed in the changelog.

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme   Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme

If you still have any questions you can submit a support ticket at our support site.

Bounce: Multi-Purpose Business WordPress/BuddyPress Theme


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Date: July 24, 2015