Blank Web Application 2 – Single Column, Fixed Layout

Blank Web Application 2 - Single Column, Fixed Layout

If your building a web-application and you want to ensure that it’ll be easy to maintain in the future, and simple for your clients to use than a single column with a fixed layout is highly recommended. With a fixed layout, you have more control of how the content area will look, and will run into fewer issues with floating elements. Having a single column will cause you to design with simple in mind.

I’ve included in this template example content pages:

  • Home
  • Calendar
  • Forums
  • Profile
  • Colour Theme Selection (javascript will change it on the fly)
  • Images (featuring jQuery Lightbox


  • User Listing
  • Pages
  • Login

This template includes both the Prototype and jQuery javascript frameworks

If there are any kind of pages you’d like to see mocked up in this template please be sure to message me and I’ll be sure to add them.

All comments are welcomed

Date: July 13, 2015