Black&White – Responsive Magento Theme

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

We are happy to anounce our premium responsive and retina ready magento theme suitable for any kind of store.

This extremelly flexible magento theme is bundled with great features such as: ThemeOptions Module – our own extension which allows you to customize more than 40 elements just from the admin, MegaMenu – to make your menu more presentable, Revolution slider with drag’n drop admin interface, Blog extension, Ajax – add to cart, quick view, login, price slider, toolbar, OnepageCheckout, Unlimited Colors and many others which are presented below

In additionaly, this is not just a theme but a magento package which allows you to create your own subthemes, customise the way you like and then implement theme updates with ease

Compatible with:
Magento CE1.7.0.0, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE, Magento CE

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Fully responsive and retina ready

Full functionality of your magento store on
all mobile devices is guaranteed. Give your
visitors a beautiful interface of your online
shop with ultra sharp and crispy graphics.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

ThemeOptions Extension

More 40 custom options are available just
in the admin panel. Make your own
customization changes without any

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Theme Activation

Fed up with creating needed blocks and
pages to get store configured and
working? Just click “Activate” button and

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Translation Ready

The theme is fully compatible with
magento translation extensions which
allow you to translate your store to any

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Rich Snippets

Allows you to controll appearance of your
products on a google search results page.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Header Slider ($15 included)

Fully Responsive header slider. Both boxed
and wide size available.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Awesome Icon Fonts

Increase performance of your magento by
using font icons instead if images. Use it

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Configurable Font Icons

You can replace font icons just from the
admin. Just choose your favorite one from
the list of available icons

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Google Fonts

Change appearance of your titles without
coding just in a few clicks whatever you

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Background Paterns

Choose your favorite patern from available
or upload your own one.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Background Slider

All you need is upload a few images to get
backound slider working

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Custom Colors

You can set your favorite colors and
generate css file from the admin.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Sticky Header

Can be enabled from the admin. You can
also set which elements will be displayed.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Brands Showcase

With this widget you can display brands of
your products on the homepage with ease.
Brands can be shown as list or slider.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Product Widgets

Build your homepage with our product
widgets without any coding! You can show
new/sale products or featured category as
slider, grid or list

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Latest Tweets Widgets

Show your latest tweets without any

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Social Links Widgets

This widget allows you to share links to
your profiles in social networks

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Facebook Like Box Widgets

It allows to display facebook like box block
on the homepage or put it into any static
blocks through your magento store

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Image Aspect Ratio

You can use images for your products of
any dimensions you want.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Smart Product Labels

There is ability to display “sale”, “new”,
“only X left” labels on your products. You
can also display sale persantage, change
labels order and their appearance.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Product Hover Effect

Allows you to demonstrate second view of
your product for potential buyers on
category pages

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Configurable Contact Page

You can easily add your location and
additional info about your store to be
displayed on contacts page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Blog Integrated

This theme is fully compatible with blog
extension by aheadWorks

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Custom Design For 404 page Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Well designed 404 page. You can switch
between default and custom designs with

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

RTL Support Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

This theme can be used for right to left
languages like Persian

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Quality Support and Free Updates

If you have any problems while working
with our theme you can always get help
through our ticket system.

Configurable Layout

Change the layout just from the admin panel

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Site layout

Choose your favorite layout: boxed or wide

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Sidebar Position

Change position of the sidebar of your
store whenever you want with ease

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Products Grid Layout

You can set from 2 up to 8 products to be
displayed per line and choose which
elements of products will be disaplyed.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Shopping Cart Layout

You can choose default magento layout for
the shopping cart page or acordion one

Product Page

There are many parts of product page which can be changed just from the admin panel. You can apply all that options for all products of for every single product.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Cloud Zoom and Images Slider

You can change appearance of product
images. On small layouts cloud zoom is
perfect decision but on a big one images
slider will look better instead.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Product Page Fancybox

You have ability to display your big product
images in a block that floats overtop of
web page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Displaying Product SKU

This not default feature became default in
this theme

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Displaying Product Brand

There are two positions where you can
display product brand with brand
description: product page sidebar, product
details col

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Product Page Layout

Adjust product page layout from the admin
panel so it fits your store requirement. 4
layouts included.

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Prev Next Product Buttons

Go to the previous or next product without
leaving product page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Product More Views Block

Have a lot of product images? All of them
can be displayed as slider without breaking
page layout

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Configurable collateral block

If you don’t like traditional tabs you can
simply change it to vertical, disaply as an
accordion or as a simple list

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Unlimited Custom Product Tabs

Creating additional custom tabs is really
ease. All you need is create a static block
and set its ID as new tab

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Predefined Static Block for
Product Banners

Adding banners or any other static content
on product pages became pretty ease with
our predefined static block which can be
set for all your products and overriden for
every single product

Smart MegaMenu

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Categories Enhanced Extension

Our mega menu based on our extension
“Categories Enhanced” which allows store
owners display any additional content in
the submenu by using category attributes

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Custom Colors for Mega Menu

You can change appearance of mega
menu just from the admin panel without
any coding

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Custom Category Labels

You can create up to 3 different category
labels and change colors of them just from
the admin panel

Ajax Features

Let your customers buy your stuff with ease

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Cart In The Sidebar

You can choose your favorite position of
the block “My Cart” either in the sidebar or
the header or even in both places

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Infinite Scroll

Allows your clients to see all products you
have in a category without reloading page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Login/Registration

No need to go to the login page anymore.
Let your customer login or create account
on any page he wants

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Quick View

Let your customers see product details
and buy it without leaving category page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Compare/Wishlist

Let your customers add product to
comparsion and wish lists without leaving
category page

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Price Slider

Make better your shop by block with ajax
price slider

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax Toolbar

Sorting products using ajax

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Ajax One Page Checkout

Checkout page without unnecessary
steps, provides a nice checkout
experience for the customers and greatly
increases your website sales

Full Features List

Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeRetina ready
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeResponsive design
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeUnlimited colors
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeMega Menu
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax add to cart
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax toolbar
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax quick view
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax price slider
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax login and register
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAjax contact form
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeOnepage checkout
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeTheme options module
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeIntegrated Google fonts
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeChangeable layout. Ability to change sidebar position (left or right)
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeTwo kind of my cart page. Standard and accordion view
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeCurrency switcher as select box and flags bar
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Sale” label for products with special price
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“New” label for products
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“More views” block can be displayed as slider
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Related products” block can be displayed as slider
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Categories” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Wishlist” block in the sidebar can be displayed as slider
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeHome page button in the menu
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeFully customizable home page
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeIntegration with Cloud Zoom
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeSocial bookmarks for products
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeCompatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeLots of paterns + ability to upload custom patern
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeDropdown cart in header
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAbility to upload custom logo image
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeLanguage switcher as select box and flags bar
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeFancybox on the home and listing pages
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“To Top” Button
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Collateral” block can be displayed as tabs or accordion
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAbility to disable any sidebar blocks through the admin panel
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme“Shop by” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemePrevious & Next functionality for the product view page
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeFully customizable header slider
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeCustom widgets: New Products, Featured Category products, Tabs, Social Links.
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeAdjustable Images
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeWYSIWYG HTML5 editor
Black&White - Responsive Magento ThemeOptimized & well-structured code
Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme.Psd files included

What Customers Say About Our Theme

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme


Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin
Magento Responsive Slider Revolution Extension – AM Revolution Slider


Images from preview are not included in the package due to licensing restrictions


We provide support for the theme without any charges. If you got any problems just create a ticket. Do not forget to provide us your purchase code

Black&White - Responsive Magento Theme

Support Limitations

Since we are authors of just theme, we do not provide support which concerns any 3-rd party extensions, including modules that comes with theme.
Support is provided only via ticket system. All ticket are handled in queue, that’s why the reply make take up to two working days. Be patience please. We recommend to create ticket with maximum information about issue. In that case you will get answer faster.

We do not fix issues which caused by customization, 3-rd party extensions, previously installed theme.
We do not provide any integration service.
Customization is out of scope of our support.

Release Notes

Do not install updates on live stores before testing it locally!

Ver. 1.9.2 (16.07.15)

 New. Patch to v1.9.2.0 added New. IWD checkout updated to v. 4.0.9 New. Wide for home page only option added New. Login on parallax page Fixed. Revolution slider validation Fixed. Mobile menu behavior Fixed. Configurable products Fixed. Listing configurable swatches Fixed. Widgets out of stock products Fixed. Removed unused options from background Paterns Fixed. Shopping cart Fixed. Log errors Fixed. Some minor issues 

Ver. 1.9.1 (16.03.15)

 Fixed. Lost the Black&White customization tool under Configuration 

Ver. 1.9 (15.03.15)

New. Product thumbnail in success message New. Google map on any page New. Grid new options New. Fluid grid New. Latest posts as sliders New. Categories block on home New. Recent checkout version (updated to 4.0.6) New. Removed patches New. Rich snippet improvements New. Price countdown timer New. Groupped product quantity buttons New. Static block for popup content Fixed. Removed unused css Fixed. Https for widgets Fixed. My Orders sidebar block option doesn't work Fixed. Header slider log Fixed. Shopping cart page - configurable product image thumbnail Fixed. Top cart buttons on mobile devices Fixed. Footer subscribe Fixed. Top menu behavior on mobile devices Fixed. Https listing buttons Fixed. Validation improvements Fixed. Product tabs - first tab is not active Fixed. Quick view crash in RTL Fixed. Out of stock products price color Fixed. Header covers popup overlay Fixed. One page checkout ajax login Fixed. Widget and brands sliders resize problems Fixed. Smart widget admin displaying options Fixed. Topmenu sub-category layout problem Fixed. Floating header bug in Safari for windows Fixed. Flat category crash Fixed. Brand widget crash on product page Fixed. Background slide too big and crash Fixed. Infinity scroll doesn't work in Safari 5 Fixed. Sidebar subscribe input and button width on mobile devices Fixed. Home slider class name changed Fixed. Parallax top indent on mobile Fixed. Brands widget problems with retina devices Fixed. Products widget in tabs indent Fixed. Tabs content height in mobile Fixed. Quick view button appearance on 3 column layout in tablet Fixed. Responsive layouts Fixed. Sidebar categories doesn't work Fixed. Mobile landscape products size Fixed. Ajax more views crash Fixed. Ajax filter in sidebar doesn't work Fixed. Shop by category block and price slider problem Fixed. Configurable Swatches js error Fixed. Price slider jquery admin option removed Fixed. Dropdown menu skin colors Fixed. Default footer links background Fixed. Product slider buttons

Ver. 1.8 (18.12.14)

 New. Compability with Magento Community Edition (Patch added) New. Configurable swatches New. More views hover Fixed. Category bottom content Fixed. CategoriesEnchanced default menu crash Fixed. Newsletter background scale Fixed. Cart products img sizes and retina Fixed. Blog toolbar Fixed. Rich snippets duplicated price Fixed. Sidebar disappearing Fixed. Parallax on mobile devices Fixed. Top menu 'target blank' option doesn't work Fixed. Brands widget log warning Fixed. Home widgets price indent Fixed. Revolution slider arrows Fixed. Price slider ajax sidebar filter crash Fixed. Product options validation message Fixed. Related products position Fixed. Product description tags Fixed. Top menu disappear Fixed. Popup newsletter appears after email successfully subscribed Fixed. Safari for windows isotope conflict Fixed. One Page Checkout ajax login Fixed. Meigee/Enhanced Categories: "Top Content" and "Bottom Content" messages modified Fixed. Latest Posts blog widget crash when two widgets in the page Fixed. Hide sidebar button position Fixed. Parallax loader Fixed. Shopping cart product popup options 

Ver. 1.7 (12.10.14)

New. RTL support New. Parallax New. Custom 404 page New. Ability to disable newsletter sidebar New. Hide sidebar by default option added New. Custom tabs widget New. Bestsellers widget New. Google plus button on product page New. Revolution slider updated to v. 3.8.0 New. One page checkout updated to v. 3.3.4 New. Smart widget New. Improved code for sidebar hiding button New. Ability to set quantity of subcategories in 1 row in megamenu for specific category. Fixed. Configurable product add to cart ajax bug Fixed. Crossel crash on mobile in accordion mode Fixed. Blurred images on cart page, wishlist page and crossell block Fixed. Product collateral title pointer Fixed. Media queries Fixed. Top links in default mode on mobile Fixed. Sidebar indent on pages without breadcrumbs Fixed. Widget slider orientation change Fixed. Footer jumping on retina Fixed. Js errors on mobile Fixed. Brand slider update on 'orientationchange' event Fixed. Brand images name on product pages Fixed. Revolution slider 'using jquery' option disabled by default Fixed. Product brand image size on retina Fixed. Quick view crash Fixed. Newsletter location log Fixed. Undefined variable: isZoom Fixed. Shopping cart without crosssell products Fixed. Navigation bar top border Fixed. Breadcrumbs indent Fixed. Styles of one page checkout terms and conditions Fixed. Ajax "add to cart" button crash on listing Fixed. Product page image slider lapse Fixed. Mobile category accordion folded Fixed. Subtotal price label on mobile shopping cart Fixed. Top menu bottom indent Fixed. Top menu background Fixed. Related products slider Fixed. Odd quotes in product image Fixed. Undefined variable - custompatern Fixed. Toolbar ajax crash after using price slider Fixed. Revolution slider jQuery disabled by default Fixed. Highlight active custom local pages in the megamenu and sidebar menu. Fixed. Navigation item width Fixed. Sidebar categories active category Fixed. Custom links in the sidebar categories block Fixed. Undefined index: productsfilter Fixed. Contact form success message Fixed. Search page filter "manufacturer"  Fixed. Widget layout "under category title" for v1.7 Fixed. Brands slider on mobile doesn't work

Ver. 1.6 (08.08.14)

New. Ability to choose type of menu for specific category and set quantity of categories in 1 row. New. Display subtotal price in top cart New. Skin colors for success popup New. Ability to set quantity of products in 1 row in widget options New. Styles for out of stock products added. New. Widget blog titles alignment New. Facebook Like Box Widget New. Facebook Like Box Sidebar block New. Sticky header options added for disable on mobile or tablet New. Pop up newsletter background option added Fixed. Category Enhanced option renamed Fixed. Admin jscolor Fixed. Product filter removed Fixed. Android widget slider bug Fixed. Top menu products skin colors Fixed. InfinityScroll more views button bug and unnecessary options removed Fixed. Backend google fonts on https Fixed. InfinityScroll pager Fixed. Top menu products Fixed. Https: bugs Fixed. Wishlist ajax bugs Fixed. Top menu grid labels and isotop Fixed. Ajax wishlist https bug Fixed. Price slider bugs Fixed. Removed "Like Us" code from the admin Fixed. Log errors Fixed. Https bugs Fixed. Removed unnecessary file from patch for 1.7 Fixed. Toolbar product filter ajax bug Fixed. Toolbar sort-by ajax bug Fixed. Toolbar limiter ajax bug Fixed. Gender option bugs Fixed. Listing and widgets add to cart bug Fixed. Label New bug Fixed. Google font double link Fixed. Widgets pop up error message Fixed. Google fonts with SSL Fixed. Shop by double ajax request bug Fixed. Top menu width Fixed. Listing pop up error message Fixed. Sidebar button doesn't work correctly Fixed. InfinityScroll jumping up bug Fixed. Fancybox icon on product page Fixed. Add to cart button bug on products with options when quick view disabled Fixed. InfinityScroll two pagers in the bottom toolbar Fixed. Revolution slider crashing Fixed. Ajax login top link transform Fixed. Pop up newsletter retina background Fixed. Downloadable product in shopping cart Fixed. Mobile devices menu bug Fixed. InfinityScroll load more threshold option  Fixed. Cart sidebar ajax bugs Fixed. InfinityScroll "more items" link Fixed. Shop by manufacturer filter bug

Ver. 1.5 (02.07.14)

New. Infinity Ajax Scroll New. Cart sidebar ajax block added New. Ajax count for wishlist New. Ability to display top links in the header as simple list New. Added new skin color options New. Ability to show popup in sidebar and in popup at the same time  New. Ability to add custom image for megamenu background New. Ability to show more product images in category listing New. Product fancybox prev/next buttons New. One page checkout upgrade - version 3.2.3 New. Product Name Alignment option on product listing New. Open header cart on hover New. Ability to add elements on the sticky header Fixed. Validation - image alt's Fixed. Footer static block validation Fixed. Compare pop up wrapper bug Fixed. Product page add to cart error pop up Fixed. Ajax login captcha Fixed. Customer date of birth inputs width on ajax login Fixed. More view button bug in chrome Fixed. Google font quotes Fixed. Layered navigation block in sidebar bug when anchor is disabled in category Fixed. InfinityScroll options Fixed. Tablet "more views" and "quick view" buttons Fixed. Shop by block enable/disable from admin Fixed. Mobile more views on category page Fixed. Apple virtual keyboard bugs with: - Sticky header - Sticky header search - Background slider Fixed. Isotop launch bug Fixed. One page checkout message popup Fixed. Product page more views slider option Fixed. Top menu hidden behind revolution slider Fixed. Product image with border indent on listing Fixed. Vertical tabs content indent Fixed. iPhone landscape top cart Fixed. Mobile menu and top cart crash when header slider is disabled Fixed. Product page custom static block disappear in "block after info column" mode Fixed. Footer title divider Fixed. Sticky header menu indent bug Fixed. Configurable product Image in top cart Fixed. Quick view loader Fixed. Retina logo disappear Fixed. Sticky top menu crash Fixed. Top cart bugs with not available by quantity products Fixed. Ajax add to cart button bugs Fixed. Toolbar pager position bug Fixed. One page checkout login Fixed. Ajax login title Fixed. Skin color bug in IE8-9 Fixed. One page checkout titles Fixed. Rich snippets for v 1.7.x.x Fixed. Quick view titles Fixed. All title dividers Fixed. Product rating table on mobile Fixed. Ajax bug with toolbar and compare Fixed. Revert link for ajax pagination Fixed. Mobile menu background and position bugs Fixed. Revolution slider js errors in backend Fixed. Footer link rss background Fixed. Log bugs Fixed. Quick view background and indents Fixed. Default options and appearance for "Display elements on sticky header" in admin Fixed. Sticky navigation position bug Fixed. Sticky header background disappear bug Fixed. Sticky search icon change from admin Fixed. Mobile sticky header elements disappear Fixed. Wishlist product edit ajax to cart and compare items Fixed. Skin colors Fixed. Sticky header close button Fixed. Top menu chrome bug Fixed. List columns change

Ver. 1.4 (28.05.14)

 New. Revolution slider updated New. Ability to hide sidebar on frontend New. Link target blank added for Meigee/Enhanced Categories New. Auto slide option of brand slider New. Ability to show newsletter popup only on home page New. Product page collateral - vertical tabs added New. Link target blank for Social widget added New. Sticky header opacity option added New. Sticky header close button on frontend New. Contact google map block added New. Contact page Google Map New. Widget blog improvement New. Rich snippets New. Fancybox on product page Fixed. Improved aspect ratio logic Fixed. Wide slider indent bug Fixed. Product page review link Fixed. Two blocks on Account pages - my orders, compare. My cart sidebar block removed Fixed. Cloud zoom fancybox Fixed. Product gallery options bug Fixed. Product slider zoom Fixed. Top cart products on mobile Fixed. Popup newsletter active session Fixed. iPhone background slider bug Fixed. Patch to 1.7 Fixed. Revolution slider in the header Fixed. Mobile site layouts Fixed. Top cart on iPhone Fixed. Header blocks bugs on mobile Fixed. Collateral admin images Fixed. Sidebar hide button resize bug Fixed. Revolution slider in the header on mobile Fixed. Sidebar hide button Fixed. Wishlist product options info Fixed. Product edit page update and compare links Fixed. Duplicate ID of fancybox Fixed. Toolbar Fixed. Widget slider options Fixed. Sticky menu align left Fixed. Retina logos resize logic Fixed. Magehouse price slider- removed conflicts Fixed. Custom selects triangle bug Fixed. Removed unused code Fixed. Static block activation Fixed. Iphone text size bug Fixed. Contact map text labels in admin changed Fixed. Ajax compare block over quick view Fixed. Category banners in top menu Fixed. Category banners in top menu on retina display Fixed. Blog - widget comments count Fixed. Magehouse log Fixed. Blog widget and button on posts page Fixed. Header wishlist icons Fixed. Shopping cart page wishlist icon Fixed. Feed link Fixed. Activation and restore log bugs Fixed. Popup newsletter log bug Fixed. Add to cart bug on product listing Fixed. Popup newsletter validation Fixed. Product description list indent Fixed. Shop by titles crash after ajax price slider request Fixed. Top menu 

Ver. 1.3.1 (14.05.14)

New. Patch for Magento Community Edition 1.9

Ver. 1.3 (5.05.14)

New. Revolution slider with drag'n drop admin interface New. Predefined footer static blocks added New. Product labels New. Product top cart options New. Transparent header for revolution slider New. Slider Preloader option New. Touch behavior for top cart New. Product listing Accordion added for product tab in admin New. Grid column selection added Fixed. Static content Fixed. Search dropdown Fixed. Footer map on boxed vesrsion Fixed. Slider items resize Fixed. Products hover image with ajax on listing bug Fixed. Cart dropdown on mobile bugs Fixed. Banners indent on mobile Fixed. File added - gender.phtml Fixed. Custom product static block added Fixed. Quick view title bug Fixed. Product review title bug Fixed. Default footer Fixed. Removed grid 768 Fixed. Message icons bug Fixed. Sticky header Fixed. Mobile menu Fixed. Isotop grid resize bug Fixed. Category attribute update bug Fixed. Blog widget Fixed. Widget title dividers Fixed. Grid labels ajax bug Fixed. Top indent bug Fixed. Activation static bug Fixed. Footer newsletter and contact form colors Fixed. Footer links and dividers Fixed. Custom Footer static block Fixed. Footer title divider Fixed. Skin colors bugs Fixed. Footer blocks Fixed. Admin Label preview Fixed. Ajax contact form conflict Fixed. "Only X left" stock indicator in quick view Fixed. Quick view price Fixed. Product add-to-cart-success bug Fixed. Top cart dropdown Fixed. Mobile login icon fixed Fixed. Patch for icons Fixed. Footer block fix Fixed. Skin colors bugs Fixed. Mobile bugs with buttons in header

Ver. 1.2 (11.04.14)

New. Newsletter options added New. Custom colors New. Configurable font icons New. Hr indents for homepage New. Ability to disable percentage of discount in "On sale" label New. Label on sale on product page New. SEO improvements New. Added blog extension Fixed. Restore config option doesn't work Fixed. Skin colors Fixed. Update cart ajax Fixed. Android change orientation bug Fixed. Hover product bug Fixed. Default widgets Fixed. Small CSS bugs Fixed. Log errors Fixed. Improved theme activation. Now user logouts automatically when activation is complete Fixed. "Enhanced categories" tab isn't showed up after installation Fixed. Retina brands resize Fixed. Improved code of product labels Fixed. Removed custom patern options Fixed. Removed big background from paterns Fixed. Background slider configured: active, slide image uploaded Fixed. Upsells limit Fixed. Deleting popup of top cart Fixed. Header slider preloader z-index bug Fixed. Related products image size Fixed. Top links divider bug Fixed. Top search button color bug Fixed. Background Patern and Custom image upload Fixed. Product tabs on ajax product page Fixed. Low resolution of media images on product page Fixed. Toolbar amount position Fixed. Wide menu left indent Fixed. Footer indent Fixed. Small logo fix Fixed. Static block import Fixed. Retina footer logo Fixed. Horizontal scroll in iPhone

Ver. 1.1 (2.04.14)

New. Widget: Product brands New. Ability to display products brands New. Ability to move product tabs to details col New. Fully recoded product page template. New. Default popups for wishlist replaced with html ones New. Cloud zoom New. The user guide improved. Fixed. Site background bugs Fixed. Position of labels for subcategories Fixed. Aspect ratio bug Fixed. Product image duplicate and size Fixed. Logo, logo small, logo retina, logo upload Fixed. Product page + quick view descriptions list markers Fixed. Related products image size Fixed. Top menu animation Fixed. Static Content Fixed. Cssgenerate Fixed. Quick view button in IE8 Fixed. Product options in cart Fixed. Quick view more views Fixes. IE8 menu corrupted Fixed. Removed unnecessary js and xml Fixed. Menu Wide JS Fixed. mobile slider Fixed. newsletter popup label Fixed. Dump sql file.

Ver. 1.0 (07.03.14)

Magento Community Edition 1.8.X.X (,, 1.7.x.x (,,

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