Blackfyre – Create Your Own Gaming Community

Blackfyre - Create Your Own Gaming Community

Blackfyre gives you the power to create massive gaming communities. Users can create clans and challenge each others, keeping track of the matches, share content and much more!

Blackfyre - Create Your Own Gaming Community

Main features:

  • Clan war system: Create and manage team matches
  • Users can create and manage clans
  • Predefined page layout for clans for easy creation
  • Full buddypress support, create your own community!
  • Page builder powered by Visual Composer
  • WooCommerce support
  • Parallax blocks
  • Video blocks
  • Animated images and icons
  • WPML Ready
  • Translate ready – .po files included
  • Rating System , widget included
  • bbPress ready, create your own community!
  • Fully responsive design
  • Unlimited colours
  • Upload your own backgrounds
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 Styling
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Build using the latest Bootstrap
  • Powered by Theme barracks with extensive options:
    • Typography options
    • Unlimited colours
    • Upload your own backgrounds
    • Jquery page slider turn on/off option
    • Blog options
    • Seo options
    • Footer options
    • Social media options
  • Awesome Page builder with loads of blocks, simply drag and drop to create the page that you want!
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Seo ready
  • XML dummy content file included
  • Extensive documentation file
  • Support forum

Need help? Visit our Support Forum

I offer theme support via our support forum. If you have any problems or if you find a bug/error, please post them there. I will NOT be able to answer any questions regarding support in the comments. (

Blackfyre - Create Your Own Gaming Community

Please note: the images that can be seen in the preview images will not be included in the download. These are for preview purposes only.

Special thanks to: grosnez, sandara, foton-3, saturnoarg, tobylewin, thomaswievegg, leventep, antimingebag, tamplierpainter for the images

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Update History

Current version: 1.3.3

Jun 23th, 2015

 - Fixed avatar issue (don't use Extended profiles avatar section until we get reply from BuddyPress about their action hooks)   - Fixed position of closing tag in log in form in Mozilla  /css/main.css  - Countries can now be localized  /page-user-registration.php  - Fixed matches added via admin panel have to be saved twice before showing their results correctly  /addons/wp-clanwars.php  - WPML log in and redirection issue fixed  /header.php  /buddypress/members/single/members-header.php  /sidebar.php  - Fixed display error of clan page in mobile  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  - Fixed when adding match via wp-admin and not using any pre-defined opponent team (using text field as team's name) - on single match page the team name and photo will link to the match page itself.    /addons/wp-clanwars.php  - Forum sticky posts npw have white background  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  - Fixed in Firefox, the profile picture that's set for a user in the right side of the admin bar is HUGE after hovering over your profile name. Prevents logging out on smaller screens!  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  - Fixed "All clans page" layout broken when a clan name is too long  /functions.php  - Turning off registration in WordPress settings will now hide the 'register' button and disallow registration through the registration page.  /header.php  /page-user-registration.php  - Clanwars match description now allows shortcodes and HTML.  /single.php  /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php  - Fixed when you disable bbPress the 'Forum' tab in user profile is still visible  /functions.php  - Fixed installing Advanced Custom Fields plugin creates conflicts with ACF functions that are already included in the slider code.   /addons/slider/acf.php  /addons/slider/core.php  - Fixed an issue where the website would not display correctly after one-click install (only header visible or error in the header).  /header.php  - Fixed an issue where non-admin users where unable to change their profile picture on some server configurations.  /buddypress/members/single/member-header.php  - Fixed some text strings that were not marked for translation.  /header.php  - Fixed some PHP errors and warnings on clan pages.  /functions.php  - PrettyPhoto XSS vulnerability patched with latest version  /js_composer/assets/lib/PrettyPhoto  

Jun 8th, 2015

 - Fixed an issue where dropdown menu, login button in page header, frontend Visual Composer and other JS dependent elements would not work.  /js/jquery.fancybox.js  - Fixed WPML issues - registration and clan challenge pages shouldn't become duplicated multiple times when WPML is active.  /theme-functions  /theme-functions/page-templates.php  /tmp-clan-challenge.php  - Fixed an issue where pagination on 'All matches' page would return 404 error.  /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php  - Fixed a PHP fatal error on monthly archive pages.  /functions.php 

Jun 5th, 2015

 - Fixed an issue where pagination of member friends page would load friend list into wrong HTML container.  /buddypress/member/single/member-header.php  - Fixed an issue where the default clan logo (for clans without uploaded logo image) would be too big on all matches page.  /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php  - Fixed empty div in homepage template.  /tmp-home.php  - Renamed the 'Contact page title' option in Theme Options to 'Registration page title' to reflect its real use.  /themeOptions/options.php  - Fixed multiple PHP errors and warnings on user profiles.  /functions.php  - Fixed multiple PHP errors and warning on clan pages.  /js_composer/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_latest_matches.php  - Fixed some PHP errors and warnings related to Google Fonts.  /addons/google-fonts/webfonts.php  - Fixed an issue where the WP installation would become broken (white page or PHP fatal error) after performing one-click install.  /functions.php  - It is now possible to place 2, 3 or 4 widgets in footer (they will be properly resized to fit in the footer area instead of being fixed on of 1/3 footer width).  /footer.php  /functions.php  - Activity feed 'Load more' button now styled.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Fixed an issue where some menu links were not properly highlighted (like category links when category page was visited).  /css/bootstrap.css  - Fixed WooCommerce - breadcrumbs on WC pages.  /functions.php  - Fixed category archives - they will now display the correct category and pagination.  /archive.php  /category.php  - Exported new .pot file (blackfyre.pot) and deleted outdated default.po and files from /langs folder.  - Various fixes in demo importer, including deletion of uploads folder  /demo  - Fixed multiple translation issues.  - Color lines in menu are now fixed  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Complete z-index of website is fixed, all the popups and plugin layers should display properly now.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  /js_composer/assets/css/js_composer_frontend_editor.css,   /css/colours.php  /css/woocommerce.css  /css/clanwars.css  /admin-style.css  - Fixed avatars in user's friend requests tab.  /buddypress/members/single/friends/requests.php  - Image description field in Blackfyre slider now supports html.  /functions.php  - Admin now can change users data and images in their profile in front end of the website.  /functions.php  /buddypress  - Option to disable ShareThis is added in Theme Options  /themeOptions/options.php  /footer.php  /single.php  /tmp-1right-sidebar.php  /tmp-2left-sidebar.php  /tmp-3full-width.php  - Fixed layout in user's friend requests tab.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Pagination size is now consistent across the website.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Matches added manually via WP admin panel display their results differently on 'All matches' page (or other match lists) and single match page (results at 0:0, submit scores button available) if fixed. Adding score in back end will mark that match as completed.  /addons/clan-wars/wp-clanwars.php  - WooCommerce shopping card hover bug is fixed.  /header.php  - Added proper layout for Add/Remove from friends on user profile page.  /functions.php  - Clan wars creation, about us box text color is now fixed.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Category archive link in menu is now properly highlighted when visiting a category archive page. The same goes for forums.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Group section tab is added,  - IE return button when WooCommerce cart is empty button is showing now.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Buddypress group members layout if fixed.  /css/main.css  /css/buddypress.css  /css/colours.php  - Added option to restrict clan creation in Theme Options. In Users section of admin back end, there is a check box where admin can select which users can create clans when restriction is active.  /functions.php  /themeOptions/options.php  /header.php  - Scripts, css and images are now optimized. Theme should work faster now. 

May 7th, 2015

 - 'Who's online' section will now correctly display user avatars.   /functions.php  - Removed old, unused Google Fonts settings from Theme Options -> Customize panel. Added new separate Google Fonts with more options.  /themeoptions/options.php  /functions.php  - Google Fonts will now correctly load latin-ext font subsets (if available).  /css/gf-style.css  /css/fonts.php - removed  /addons/google-fonts/google-fonts.php  /header.php  - Avatars will now correctly display on user activity pages.  /functions.php  - 'Who's online' section will now correctly display user avatars.  /functions.php  - Fixed an issue where the 'Add URL' popup window was not visible when using Visual Composer on the front end.  /main.css  /functions.php  - Fixed checkout button is not aligned on the template.  /main.css  - Fixed "Already a customer? LOGIN" section at checkout, the login button is invisible until you hover over it.   /main.css  - Registration page: JOIN BLACKFYRE text optional from theme options.  /page-user-registration.php  /themeoptions/options.php  /css/main.css  - Added an option in Theme Options panel to select layout of category/archives.  /themeoptions/options.php  /archive.php  /category.php  - Added responsive classes to blog page templates.  /tmp-blog-right.php  /tmp-blog-left.php  /tmp-blog-full.php  /tmp-blog-isotope.php  -The theme will now properly load external resources via HTTPS if needed (should be compatible with SSL now).  /footer.php  /single.php  /functions.php  - Activity and Groups tabs will now correctly disappear if corresponding BuddyPress modules are disabled.  /function.php  - Match description doesn't handle HTML content  /single.php  - The recommended plugin's alert is no longer visible to all users in wp-admin pages (will be visible only for admin users).  /functions.php  - Multiple translation textdomain bugs have been fixed. The theme is now fully compatible with Codestyling Localization translation plugin.  - Style.css tags have been updated.  /style.php  - Users can now change their nickname and display name from edit profile page.  /buddypress/members/single/member-header.php  /buddypress/members/single/settings/general.php  - WordPress admin bar should now be properly hidden for all users except admins.  /functions.php  - Added post background for full width post templates  /tmp-3full-width.php  - Captcha spam protection has been added to the registration page.  /page-user-registration.php  /addons/captcha  - Users can now change the background of registration page.  /page-user-regstration.php  - Fixed BuddyPress notification area display bug on some installations.  /css/buddypress.css  - Fixed multiple PHP errors on clan pages.  /functions.php  - Fixed a layout issue when creating a BuddyPress group on the frontend.  /buddypress.css  - Page header background will now be properly fixed.  /css/main.css  - Multiple WooCommerce layout issues have been fixed. The theme is now compatible with recent versions of WooCommerce.  /css/main.css  /css/woocommerce.css  - Fixed few display quirks on mobile browsers.  /css/colour.php   /css/boostrap.css   - Woocommerce dropdown on checkout page  /css/main.css  - Multiple styling fixes  /css/main.css  /cs/budypress.css  - Plugin activation updated to latest 2.4.2 version  /pluginactivation.php 

March 27th, 2015

 - Added social.js script that was missing   /functions.php  - Fixed one click import permission error   /demo/import_usermeta.php 

March 26th, 2015

 - Added RTL support   /functions.php   /css/trl.css  - Enabled admin bar   /functions.php  - Fixed css bug in menu (lines on hover)   /css/main.css 

March 19th, 2015

 - Release 
Date: July 16, 2015