Better Business

Better Business

The Better Business Template is a great way to build and launch a business or corporate web site quickly. This template comes pre-loaded with multiple layout options for content, headers and color schemes. There is also a jQuery + CSS powered Multi-Level Menu system that degrades gracefully with Javascript turned off.

Recent Updates

  • 9/13/2010 – PHP Contact Form with Simple CAPTCHA

Column Layouts

Using simple CSS classes, you can add up to three columns of content on one page. Fonts resize so that your text fits legibily in the space provided.

Header Layouts

A photo header can be added to any page and can be modified to fit 56 possible layouts using the code provided with the template.

Color Options

With a default green color scheme, this template comes with an extra eight color options for up to nine total color schemes to choose from out of the box.

Multi-Level Menu

The Multi-Level Menu included with the Better Business Template supports nested menus that run as deep as you need and degrades gracefully when Javascript is disabled.

Standard HTML Markup

All standard HTML elements are styled and ready to be used. Standard form elements come with CSS styling in addition to the standard markup elements for headings, text, lists and tables.

Date: June 14, 2015