BeautyAdmin – Responsive Admin Template

BeautyAdmin - Responsive Admin Template

BeautyAdmin - Responsive Admin Template BeautyAdmin - Responsive Admin Template

Looking for an admin template that can adapt quickly with your CMS or SHOP?

With a translate system and already translated in 3 languages beautyadmin is a clean, ready-to-go HTML template that will suit any of your CMS or E-COMMERCE needs. This admin template is easy to use and well documented along with a good clean html structure allowing you to easly upgrade bootstrap anytime.

BeautyAdmin - Responsive Admin Template

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BeautyAdmin - Responsive Admin Template


Packages & libraries used in the BeautyAdmin Template, along with attributions to their authors and licenses.

Libraries & Plugins

PhotoDune Items

With most respect to the authors, the following item covers were used for the live preview, to better simulate possible use cases for our product. NOT included in the download package.

Change Log

Version 1.3 – 29/01/2013

  • Added sidebar menus: Left menu / Right menu

Version 1.2 – 01/01/2013

  • Added New Dashboard
  • Added Account section
  • Added Charts section with many samples of usage
  • Internationalization:
    • Added built-in Translate Ready System
    • Support for unlimited languages
    • 3 Ready-To-Go translations: English / Romanian / Italian
    • Easy to use: Edit CSV files in Excel / OpenOffice / etc.
  • Released in 2 versions:
    • PHP version: offers a good base for PHP implementations
    • HTML version: for a clean start from scratch implementation or non-PHP implementations
  • Main menu:
    • moved Orders & Catalog sections into new eCommerce menu
    • moved Clients & Edit account into new Members menu
    • added Other menu
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated to Bootstrap v2.2.2
  • Fix: removed unnecessary duplicated HTML for mobile/tablet/desktop versions; 100% responsive markup
  • Added responsive tables

Version 1.1 – 10/12/2012

  • Updated documentation
  • Main Menu: Renamed Products menu to Catalog / Added Categories Submenu
  • Catalog: Added Products page with filters & thumbnails / Added New Category Modal
  • Add Page: Added WYSIHTML5 Editor
  • Add Product: Changed layout / Added tabs-arrow / Added WYSIHTML5 Editor
  • Added AJAX Gallery: Includes PHP/HTML/JS files
  • Responsive navbar fix
  • Responsive login fields fix
  • Navbar background fix IE
  • Nav Dropdowns Fix IE < 9
  • Added hover support for Bootstrap dropdowns
  • Flot Charts Fix IE < 9
  • Updated to Bootstrap 2.2.1

Version 1.0 – 30/10/2012

  • Initial release
Date: July 18, 2015