AutoFocus – Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

AutoFocus is a responsive photography WordPress theme with unique features, ideal for professional photographers, photo agencies and travel photography enthusiasts.


This theme has been retired. This means that it is available for download as is. No new development is planned for this theme.

v1.4.3 released!

AutoFocus has been updated with new and advanced features and lots of fixes, enhancements and optimizations based on your feedback.

Customer feedback

I purchased your new theme “AutoFocus” from themeforest today. It is totally amazing and a great value at only $45! I have a feeling this is going to be a very popular theme…. Really nice gallery page you’ve got in your demo…The 4-panel layout and rollover are really nice. – Adam Parcher

I am currently using this theme on my photography website – and have no plans on changing it. I absolutely love it! This meets all those needs and more. It’s well worth the $45. Summary: Theme brilliant, service excellent, asking price well worth. Highly recommended. – ftschumann on ThemeForest

I have been looking for some solution that can help us achieve something similar. Nothing ever came close to what you have created. keep up – Jenice Rosi

Take a look at some of the amazing features of this theme:

Show galleries in style:

We adhere to the new trends in web-design and hence, a refreshing layout to show your galleries in style.

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

Awesome Geotagging of galleries on Google Maps:

Based on the location you provide, the galleries will be plotted on the Google Map. Multiple galleries on the same location? No worries. Simply hover over the bubble and the rest of the galleries from that location will be revealed with a classy animation. Upto 5 latest galleries from a location will be shown in the bubble.

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

Custom widgets:

AutoFocus theme comes with 2 custom widgets to further enhance your galleries: ‘Gallery Info’ widget and ‘EXIF Info’ widget. Place them in the sidebars and display extra information about your galleries and photos like photographer’s name, location, camera, lens information, date, time and EXIF info like aperture, shutter speed, iso, etc.

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

Responsive layout:

AutoFocus theme is responsive too. No matter what device your viewers are using, they will see your photos in the best way possible.

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

Extremely easy Theme Options:

Verve Framework Theme Options are extremely easy to follow and configure. There is nothing complex. We have provided help tips beside each option so you’ll never be lost.

AutoFocus - Photography WP Theme with Geotagging

Salient features:

  • Fullscreen Responsive slider – Supersized
  • Geotagging support – Plot your galleries on a Google Map
  • EXIF Info, Date, Time, Location – 2 custom & customizable widgets that show all these data about your galleries and photos.
  • True fullscreen – on latest browsers that support the fullscreen mode.
  • SEO friendly editable slug for attachments – Very rare feature that lets you edit attachment slugs so you rank high on search engines and share individual pictures via a dedicated link.
  • Contact form support – Contact form 7 (free plugin)
  • PSD files included


Images are required to be uploaded to the respective galleries using the Media Uploader while creating a Gallery. This is to ensure that features like Geotagging and gallery info widgets work as expected.

Documentation / Support:

AutoFocus theme is bundled with the easy-to-follow documentation that’ll help you understand and setup the theme. We have taken extra-care that you are not left stranded.

Theme related help is available at Verve Themes Support Forums.


Images used in the demo are from the following photographers:


v1.4.3 (8th May 2014)

IMPORTANT: Apply this update only after upgrading to WordPress 3.9 FIXES: Fixed an issue with Shortcode button not appearing in the new TinyMCE editor in WordPress 3.9. Files changed: - style.css - javascripts/scodes.js Files added: - javascripts/scodes_legacy.js

v1.4.2 (25th Jan 2014)

FIXES: Fixed an issue with thumbnails not showing due to script conflict. Files changed: - functions.php - style.css - javascripts/scripts.js

v1.4.1 (15th December 2013)

FIXES: Fixed an issue with alignment of images on blog-posts and pages. Files changed: - stylesheets/base.css - style.css

v1.4 (26th October 2013)

NEW FEATURES Included image captions to EXIF info widget FIXES Fixed an issue with comments on password protected posts. Files changed: - comments.php - functions.php - header.php - style.css - functions/widgets.php - javascripts/scripts.js Files added: - javascripts/touchwipe.min.js

v1.3.2 (5th July 2013)

FIXES: Reverted a change that might cause landscape images in the slider look squashed on mobile devices. Files changed: - footer.php - style.css

v1.3.1 (2nd July 2013)

FIXES: Fixed an issue on mobile devices where zooming on the content area would make the left-sidebar to overlap on it. Files changed: - style.css

v1.3 (14th June 2013)

FIXES: Fixed an issue with the info bubbles in the Map. Fixed an issue on attachment pages: if there were more thumbs than the container could fit, thumbnails would go in the next line, getting off the screen. Optimized all theme image files for faster frontend & backend loading. Files changed: - admin/options/assets/images/* (all image files) - images/* (all image files) - javascripts/scripts.js - loop-attachment.php - footer.php - style.css

v1.2.2 (1st April 2013)

FIXES: An issue with the 'Recent Galleries' widget has been fixed. Files changed: -style.css  -functions/widgets.php

v1.2.1 (14th February 2013)

FIXES: Fixed a localisation issue. Files changed: -loop-index.php

v1.2 (09th February 2013)

NEW FEATURE - Added 'Recent galleries' widget - Custom widgets made more prominent, added help tips FIXES - Fixed an IE8 related issue - Fixed search functionality. - Fixed an issue where title on the attachment page would mess up sometimes on AJAX load. - Fixed a layout issue on attachment page at smaller resolutions. - Fixed widget map height at smaller resolutions. - Comments form fixes. Files added: - search.php Files changed: - functions.php - comments.php - loop-attachment.php - style.css - /functions/widgets.php - /javascripts/scripts.js - /stylesheets/admin.css

v1.1.1 (25th December 2012)

Documentation updated Files changed: - In the 'documentation' folder, 'Documentation.html' has been updated.

v1.1 (17th December 2012)

New features: - Added 'Coordinates' field for better precision while plotting location on widget maps. - Added zoom setting in Gallery info widgets for customisability. Bug fixes: - In WP 3.5, Hide/show left section bar animation now fixed - The attachments page stopped loading if breadcrumbs were enabled in WP 3.5, now fixed. - The title on the attachments page moved to far left in WP 3.5. Now it appears exactly above the top left corner of the image as before.  - Admin panel fixes Files changed: - functions.php - loop-attachment.php - style.css - /admin/options/assets/css/style.css - /functions/breadcrumbs.php - /functions/widgets.php - /javascripts/scripts.js

v1.0.2 (9th November 2012)

Fixed a minor styling issue related to menu Files changed: - style.css

v1.0.1 (2nd November 2012)

Fixed an IE8 related issue Files changed: - style.css - javascripts/scripts.js 

v1.0 (27th October 2012)

- Initial release
Date: June 2, 2015