AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress ThemeAutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress ThemeAutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress ThemeAutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

AutoDealer – Car Dealer & Marketplace Premium WordPress Theme

AutoDealer is a professional responsive vehicle marketplace Premium WordPress theme. The theme has been developed especially for car sellers, dealers or auto motor retailers. It’s an incredible versatile premium WordPress theme with powerful customization tools that helps you building your unique vehicles dealer website.

The theme features a unique front-end submission system with built-in payment packages powered by WooCommerce as well as LayerSlider Plugin (15$ Value). Your users can purchase submission packages to submit vehicles for sale on your website. Everything is done on the front-end your users can, register, login, edit their profile, submit listings, and so much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard. And if this isn’t enough, your users will also be able to manage their existing listings from the frontend dashboard page, they can decide to delete their listings or to update them.

Real 1 Click Automatic Setup

The theme comes with our next exclusive automatic installer plugin. Once activated, this plugin will display a new page from where you can have an overview of your current setup and if you wish, with a single click of a button, the automatic installation process will import demo pages, posts, vehicles, and some other settings like setting up your homepage, woocommerce pages and setting up some default widgets. Everything with a single click.

Ajax Registration & Dealer Profiles

The theme features a built-in ajax registration system with a unique selector. Users can decide to register as dealers or regular users. Dealers will have access to exclusive options from where they can customize their business details, contact details and social profiles. In addition, every dealer has an exclusive custom profile page from where users can browse the vehicles on sale from that specific dealer. Furthermore every single vehicle page submitted by a dealer features an exclusive dealer profile widget which is used as advert to highlight their profile.

Email Notifications

One of the core features of AutoDealer are email notifications, every action taken on your website is notified to the site admin allowing you to have full control over your website, if you don’t need them, you can easily disable this feature through the theme options panel. This is a list of the emails notification available with the theme

  1. The admin receives an email when a listing has been submitted on the website.
  2. The user that submits a listing also receives an email notifying him that his listing will be review first.
  3. The listing author is notified when the listing is approved

Main Features Overview

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Automatic Theme Installer

The automatic installation process will import
demo pages, posts, vehicles, and some other
settings like setting up your homepage,
woocommerce pages and setting up some default
widgets. Everything with a single click.
Click the image to have a look at a preview video!

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Front-End Submission System

The theme features a unique front-end
submission system with built-in payment
packages powered by WooCommerce. Your
users can purchase submission packages to
submit vehicles for sale on your website.

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Front-End Dashboard

The theme features a unique front-end
dashboard page. Users can manage their listings
from this page and if needed they can delete/edit
their existing listings. An overview of their
active packages and favorited vehicles is also

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Front-End Profile Editor

Your regular users and dealer can edit their
profiles from this page. Dealers will also have
access to exclusive fields for their business. An
example can be seen here.

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Favorites System

Logged in users can add vehicles to their favorites
each favorite vehicle will then be available into the
personal front-end dashboard page.
Users can also remove vehicles from their favorites.

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

WooCommerce Support

Turn your website into a complete and free
Shopping Cart Solution. It is fully design
integrated, completely responsive & pixel-perfect.

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Payment Packages

Your users can purchase submission packages
to submit vehicles for sale on your website.
You can create as many packages as you want
and set different settings for each package.
Each package can also have it’s own expiration
date. Sit back and start earning.

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Built-In Search System

The theme comes with a built-in search system
users can filter results with various settings.
The search form can be added anywhere through
shortcodes or widgets, and if needed there’s also
an advanced search form for further filtering.

WPML Ready

The theme comes with full support for the WPML plugin. In addition, .mo and .po files are available for localization.

Built-In Skin Editor

The theme features a custom skin editor that comes with more than 40 different options to customize each single color of the layout.

Other Features Worth Mention

  • WordPress 3.8+ fully tested!
  • 100% Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Retina Ready
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • Fully Customizable – Easily Change the color of every Element you see!
  • Use any google font
  • Ready for translation (.po / .mo files included)
  • Icon Fonts Included
  • One-Click Demo Installation
  • Great SEO base built-in (compatible with most SEO Plugins like SEO by Yoast)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Coded
  • Completely Styled Forms for Contact-Form-7 Plugin
  • Unlimited Sidebars for each Page possible
  • Google Maps included (Multiple Maps on each page possible)
  • Premium LayerSlider Plugin Included (Save 15$)
  • Tons of useful Shortcodes
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Lightbox Integration for Images & Galleries
  • Well organized, commented & clean Code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11
  • Extensive Documentation with Pictures & Videos
  • Custom Post Types for Vehicles
  • Custom Taxonomies for Vehicles
  • Advanced Listings Search
  • Front End Submission
  • Front End Listings Modification
  • Front End Registration
  • Front End Profile Modification
  • Front End Submission Payments System
  • Charge For Submissions
  • 18 Custom Widgets
    • [TDP] Dealer Profile
    • [TDP] Featured Listings
    • [TDP] Latest Listings
    • [TDP] Listings Details
    • [TDP] User Profile
    • [TDP] Vehicles Color
    • [TDP] Vehicles Exteriors
    • [TDP] Vehicles Extra Features
    • [TDP] Vehicles Fuel
    • [TDP] Vehicles Gears
    • [TDP] Vehicles Interiors
    • [TDP] Vehicles Locations
    • [TDP] Vehicles Makers
    • [TDP] Vehicles Safety Features
    • [TDP] Vehicles Search Form
    • [TDP] Vehicles Statuses List
    • [TDP] Vehicles Type
    • [TDP] Vehicles Years
  • 3 Different vehicles browsing layout
    • Grid
    • List
    • Map
  • Integrated MegaMenu Support
  • Ability to contact vehicles owner from vehicles pages.
  • Custom Dealer Pages
  • 2 Footer Modes (Enable/Disable Stats Column)
  • Ajax Front-End login/registration/password recovery

What to expect in the feature?

Our best ideas come from your suggestions so we take feedback seriously. If you have an idea or want to make a suggestion please let us know. We will keep supporting the product and we will keep adding essential features to the theme.


Update 1.6.3 2nd June 2015

  • Fixed: Edit vehicle page not loading selected taxonomy terms for the vehicle
  • Fixed: WooCommerce styling update
  • Fixed: issue with grid layouts – sorter and menu overlapping
  • Fixed: Packages table not displaying within account page on mobile
  • Fixed: Vehicle sorting option not working in search results page

Updated files:

 css/responsive.css framework/acf/ framework/extensions/edit-vehicles.php templates/template-search-results.php style.css 

Update 1.6.1 23rd April 2015

  • Updated: ACF plugin
  • Updated TGMPA library

Updated files.

 framework/acf/ (whole folder) framework/functions/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php 

Update 1.6 19th April 2015

  • Tweak: removed ICL debug code
  • Fixed: removed unused footer menu location
  • Fixed: adjusted textdomain of menu locations names
  • Fixed: woocommerce function being called even when plugin is disabled

Affected files

 style.css framework/extensions/search.php framework/functions/theme-setup.php 

Update 1.5.9 12th February 2015
Read changelog for this update.

Updated 1.5.8 6th February 2015
Read the changelog for this update.

Updated 1.5.7 26th January 2015
Read the changelog for this update.

Updated 1.5.6 21st November 2014
Read the changelog for this update.

Update 1.5.5 October 16th 2014
Read the changelog for this update.

Update 1.5.4 October 13th 2014
Read the changelog for this update.

Update 1.5.3 September 29th 2014
Read the changelog for this update.

Update 1.5.2 September 4th 2014 – No theme version change

 Fixed: Callout shortcode secondary buttons not working Fixed: Forcing some fields on the submission form to be required - not working.  Update the TDP Shortcodes plugin and the wp-autotrader plugin. 

Update 1.5.2 July 21st 2014

 Adjusted: Currency formatting now automatically supports 91 currencies - Simply enter the currency code ex "USD" into the theme options panel Adjusted: temporarily removed js validation on wp editor. 

Update 1.5.1 July 11th 2014

 Fixed: improper vehicle description formatting when submitting vehicle Fixed: responsive issue on android devices   Theme Updated FIles  style.css framework/functions/theme-setup.php  WP-AutoManager Plugin has been updated too. Please update the plugin. 

No theme version change – Update July 2nd 2014

 Fixed: featured image not appearing into edit page for regular users when submitting vehicle.  WP-AutoManager Plugin updated to version 1.3.9 

Update 1.5 June 30th 2014

 Fixed: disabling advanced search form would not remove the button to display the advanced search form. Fixed: inability to display empty vehicles terms when submitting vehicles. Fixed: validation when in search form the vehicle is not selected. Adjusted: better validation handling for main required fields. Added: an error message now appears on top of the search form when main required fields are not filled in. Added: ability to search for all models in search form.  WP-AutoManager plugin updated to version 1.3.8 (Must update).  Theme Updated Files framework/extensions/advanced-search.php framework/extensions/search.php framework/extensions/theme-specific.php framework/functions/theme-setup.php header.php js/custom.js style.css templates/headers/top-bar.php templates/template-search-results.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-extra.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-filter.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-infobar.php  

Update 1.4.9 June 24th 2014

 Fixed: Minor css adjustments Fixed: Updated child theme files to match latest changes. Fixed: PHP errors displaying if vehicle doesn't have any extra or safety feature Fixed: Vehicles Filter not working in archive page Fixed: Mobile menu not displaying when top bar disabled Changed: Text of the error message of non logged in users trying to add vehicles to favorites Added: Search form will now exclude manufactures and models that are empty Added: JS validation to submission form to prevent issues when submitting a vehicle and not filling main required fields.   Theme Updated Files framework/extensions/advanced-search.php framework/extensions/search.php framework/extensions/theme-specific.php framework/functions/theme-setup.php header.php js/custom.js style.css templates/headers/top-bar.php templates/template-search-results.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-extra.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-infobar.php 

Update 1.4.8 May 30th 2014

 Fixed: Textdomain for woocommerce templates translations Fixed: Vehicles filter in search results page not working Fixed: search results displaying non approved vehicles Adjusted: "any" manufacturer option is now selected by default.  Updated Theme Files  framework/extensions/search.php framework/functions/core-functions.php js/custom.js style.css templates/template-search-results.php woocommerce/checkout/cart-errors.php woocommerce/checkout/form-billing.php woocommerce/checkout/form-checkout.php woocommerce/checkout/form-coupon.php woocommerce/checkout/form-login.php woocommerce/checkout/form-pay.php woocommerce/checkout/form-shipping.php woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php woocommerce/checkout/thankyou.php woocommerce/order/order-details.php 

Update 1.4.7 (NO VERSION CHANGE) May 23rd 2014

 Updated: Frontend Connection Plugin to fix a bug with the password reset email. 

Update 1.4.7 May 19th 2014

 Fixed: disabling option to display vehicle address in single vehicle page not working Fixed: translation issues with the Frontend Connection plugin Fixed: vehicle overview odd/even rows css style when one or more options are disabled Fixed: a css issue that can be sometimes be displayed in certain occasion when topbar is displaying logged in username Fixed: css issue in woocommerce checkout state field being unselectable Fixed: theme options link in admin bar linking to wrong page Fixed: amount of packages displaying in package selection screen not correct Fixed: some translation issues with certain strings with the wp-autotrader plugin Added: ability to display both featured and latest vehicles carousels in single vehicle page.  Plugins Updated   WP - AutoTrader Plugin to version 1.3.7 Frontend Connection plugin to version 1.2   Theme Updated Files framework/functions/core-functions.php style.css templates/headers/top-bar.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-featuredcarousel.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-overview.php woocommerce/checkout/review-order.php 

Update 1.4.6 April 25 2014

 Fixed: Regular users can't save phone number through edit profile page.  Theme Updated files: style.css /framework/extensions/theme-specific.php 

Update 1.4.5 April 17 2014

 Added: ACF plugin update for compatibility with WP 3.9 Added: RTL languages support Added: new option in Theme Options Panel : General Settings to enable RTL stylesheet Added: social icons generator is now available even when topbar is disabled Added: vehicles now can also not require interior/exterior features Fixed: capability error for dealer user role Fixed: Body Type not displaying correct value in single vehicle page  Fixed: post format gallery not working in single post page Fixed: taxonomy header image not working Fixed: vehicle map address not correctly updating ACF field when quickly approving vehicle from backend. Fixed: 6 figures search not returning correct results Fixed: Shortcode generator button missing due to WP 3.9 update Changed: vehicle pricing display method now reflects your wp locale settings currencies and pricing will automatically format themselves read this topic for more information Changed: description of pricing field in backend which required a specific price format (not required anymore)  Theme Updated Files  style.css templates/vehicles/vehicle-features.php templates/vehicles/vehicle-overview.php framework/extensions/edit-vehicles.php framework/extensions/options.php js/custom.js framework/functions/theme-actions.php functions.php framework/extensions/search.php framework/extensions/advanced-search.php framework/acf/ (whole folder and files)  Plugins updated: 1) TDP Shortcodes Version 1.2 2) WP Auto Manager Version 1.3.6  

Update 1.4.4 April 14 2014

 Fixed: automatic plugins installation message not visible during theme setup  Theme updated files style.css (only file version) functions.php 

Update 1.4.3 April 11 2014

 Fixed: vehicle location addition from frontend not being saved into the submission Fixed: jquery chosen dropdown on checkout cart displaying empty  Theme updated files  style.css  WP-Autotrader plugin has been updated, must update plugin too. 

Update 1.4.2 April 2 2014

 Added: New vehicle edit page Added: vehicle features fields in vehicle edit page are now checkboxes Added: re-ordered custom fields in vehicle post type & vehicle edit page Added: New option in Theme Options -> User dashboard to select the new edit page Updated: Theme documentation with new instructions on the new vehicle edit page Fixed: issues with location and images not being saved on vehicle edit page. Fixed: some wrong textdomains. Updated: new strings added to default.po/.mo files.  Theme Updated Files style.css /templates/template-edit.php /framework/extensions/options.php functions.php /framework/extensions/edit-vehicles.php /templates/template-edit-profile.php default.po/.mo files  MUST UPDATE: AutoTrader Plugin to version 1.3.5  How to update: 1- Update theme and plugin 2- Open up the theme documentation and read section "Frontend User Dashboard" -> Creating The Edit Vehicle Page and "Frontend User Dashboard" -> Setting Up Edit Vehicle Page 

Update 1.4.1 April 1 2014

 Fixed: error messages displaying on first install when no settings are saved. Fixed: general php error/notices in debug mode Fixed: Issue with 6 figures prices in vehicles pages. Fixed: translation method and textdomain in Profile Edit Plugin  Theme Updated Files style.css vehicle-overview.php vehicle-info.php theme-specific.php  Update Plugins  TDP Profile Edit and TDP Shortcodes 

Update 1.4 March 22 2014

 Fixed: translation issues Fixed: default vehicle order option not having effect Fixed: all vehicle features forms in vehicle edit page not showing selected options upon edit Fixed: vehicle model/maker field not showing selected option upon edit on vehicle edit page Fixed: flexslider vehicle images thumbnail scroller not moving correctly  Added: sample child theme in download package Added: option to select page sidebar position to all custom page templates.  Theme Updated Files  style.css /framework/extensions/search.php (UPDATE CHILD THEME TOO) /framework/extensions/options.php /templates/vehicles/vehicle-gallery.php  WP-AutoTrader Plugin Updated To 1.3.3 (Must updated) 

Update 1.3.1 March 15 2014

 Fixed: image detection method in vehicles gallery not displaying correct image into lightbox gallery  Theme Files affected: style.css /templates/vehicles/vehicle-gallery.php 

Update 1.3 March 14 2014

 Fixed: images uploaded from frontend not being visible into vehicle edit page Fixed: vehicle gallery page not displaying images if vehicle returned attachment ID instead of url Fixed: certain fields not displaying selected value into vehicle edit page Fixed: loading of js scripts of certain plugins into the admin panel Fixed: compatibility messages with codestyling localization plugin Fixed: certain strings from the theme not being translated Added: internal system to check if vehicle has been added from frontend or backend Added: option to change vehicle slug url from theme options panel  Theme Updated Files style.css /css/responsive.css /framework/functions/listings/theme-specific.php /templates/vehicles/vehicle-gallery.php functions.php  Hangar Plugin Updated to version 1.3 WP-AutoTrader Plugin Updated To 1.3 TDP Fronted Edit Profile Plugin Update to 1.2 TDP Favorite Listings 1.3  

Update 1.2.3 March 04 2014

 Fixed: issue with regular search form "required" selection mechanism not filtering right option Updated: localization files with the newly added strings.  Theme Updated files /js/custom.js /framework/extensions/search.php 

Update 1.2.2 March 04 2014

 Fixed: text input field and select field options not being saved if editing vehicle before first submission. Fixed: search form vehicle model selection not showing anymore on change of options Added: "Any" option to vehicle search form status field Added: "Any" option to vehicle search form type field Added: new style for disabled vehicle model field when searching for all "manufacturers"  Updated: LayerSlider plugin to latest version  AutoDealer Theme Changed Files style.css /js/custom.js /templates/template-search-results.php /framework/extensions/search.php  Updated wp-autotrader plugin to version 1.2 update plugin too. 

Update 1.2.1 March 04 2014

 Fixed: support for latest woocommerce plugin update Fixed: megamenu not working correctly if used on menus other than the default one.  Theme Update Files style.css /woocommerce/order/ (whole folder + file ) 

Update February 28 2014 (no theme version change)

 Fixed: translation not working for wp-autotrader plugin  Please update the wp-autotrader plugin and read the updated documentation "localization" section for instruction on how to translate this plugin. Localization files for this plugin need to be renamed according to the instruction of the documentation. 

Update v1.2 February 24 2014

 Updated: wording of registration box for dealer/private user selection Updated: wording of search box for maker/manufactures Updated: wording of "autos" to "vehicles"  Fixed: vehicles prices format if vehicle price has less than 3 characters Fixed: mobile signup/login form Fixed: pending vehicles displaying in post type archive page Added: option to remove shipping box into membership checkout page Added: phone number field available to every user Added: phone number field into listing details widget Added: "All" option to search form Added: mobile signup/login buttons Added: badge on listings to separate vehicles from private sellers to dealers sellers  Theme Updated Files  style.css /framework/extensions/search.php /framework/extensions/advanced-search.php /framework/extensions/options.php /woocommerce/order/ (whole folder + file ) /framework/extensions/theme-specific.php /framework/extensions/widgets/widget-listings-details.php /css/responsive.css /templates/vehicles/vehicle-list.php  TDP Frontend Connection Plugin Updated Files hangar-frontend-connection.php /includes/class-wp-modal-login.php 

Update v1.1.3 February 17 2014

 Fixed: compatibility issues on WooCommerce checkout page due to the new WooCommerce plugin update.  Theme Updated Files /woocommerce/checkout/ (whole folder - all files) 

Update v1.1.2 February 15 2014

 Fixed: issue with taxonomies pages not displaying results but just showing a "not found" error.  Updated Files: /framework/extensions/theme-specific.php style.css 

Update v1.1.1 February 14 2014

 Fixed: issue with favorite vehicles action not showing added vehicles  Theme Updated Files style.css /templates/vehicles/vehicle-infobar.php  TDP Favorite Listings Updated Files Whole Plugin Folder 

Update v1.1 February 11 2014

 Fixed: Latest And Featured Vehicles Widgets displaying non paid submitted vehicles Fixed: latest vehicles pages displaying non paid submitted vehicles Added: "How to customize search form fields" tutorial into the documentation  

Dedicated Support System

AutoDealer – Car Dealer WordPress Theme

We provide a dedicated support forum to streamline support requests and better serve you. Please note that we do not provide support through comments on ThemeForest.

To open a new support topic please visit the support helpdesk , register and then open a support topic.

Support requests are processed on business days from 8:00 to 17:00 (GMT 0.0) [normally] within 24h (even less) in the order they were received. Support request sent during weekends/holidays will be processed on Monday/the next business day.

Credits & Images:

  1. Special thanks goes to PVillage for letting me use his awesome logo “Car Line Logo” you can purchase it here The logo isn’t available for download within the package of the theme.
  2. Images Available on the demo have been purchased on Photodune, therefore they’re not available for download within the theme itself.
  3. Some other icons used for demonstration purpose only and therefore NOT available for download are from the talented designers at
  4. Vehicles Shapes Icons used on the live demo are from and NOT available into the download package.
Date: June 30, 2015