Alba – Facebook Push Notification

Alba - Facebook Push Notification

Reach Your Customers via Facebook Notification Tray

According to the early tests, Facebook claims online business have seen up to 180% higher retention when users opt into receiving the push notifications.

Send personalized pushes – Make more revenue

Push Notifications are clickable.

So you can send people directly to any URL on your website (or outside your domain) based on their interests or actions on your website.


Facebook Push Notification Pro becomes so handy in 3 simple steps

Alba - Facebook Push Notification

Leverage the data by sending out notifications within Facebook

With all the information you have collected about your Facebook audience and website visitors, you will then be able to create dynamic segments and customize your push campaigns.

Count you in if you want to

- GET Higher Opt-in Rates
– EXPAND Your Marketing List
– RE-ENGAGE Your Subscribers
– WIN BACK Old Customers

Why Alba?

With Facebook Push Notifications, you don’t have to wait for your users to open their inbox to read a message.
It will be displayed right on their browser.


Alba - Facebook Push Notification

Date: May 29, 2017