Acid – Unique Horizontal Blog and Portfolio Theme

Acid - Unique Horizontal Blog and Portfolio Theme

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a Theme You’ve never seen before!

Acid is a love child of Metro and One-Page Designs that you already adore!
To take that even further, we created Acid with the following key features:

  • One-Page Horizontal Layout
  • Responsive Design (it looks just great on your smartphone!)
  • Unique Portfolio Layout
  • Unlimited Color Options (when we’re saying unlimited, we mean it, read more below…)
  • Mini Parallax
  • Many upon many options, without the hassle!
  • Unlimited Scroll

Freedom of Choice
You have freedom of choice. If you choose to do so, you can have an One-page only design, or you can ignore the one-page design completely and just use the awesome metro style portfolio and blog posts. Or you can use both (as we are in the demos). It’s quite flexible Acid - Unique Horizontal Blog and Portfolio Theme

We’ll take care of you

Support is a must have option?
We agree,
You’ll find that on Our Dedicated Support system.

Video Tutorials
We think that videos an awesome way to learn stuff, that’s why we’re working on our video library to make it even more easier for you to set up and customize our themes.

Bells and Whistles

Horizontal Scroll
Acid shines with it’s horizontal scroll and that’s why we took special care to make sure it is smooth and easy to use. We made sure to test it on different screen sizes and tailored it to each of them to be sure that your users have it easy and natural to navigate.

One-Page Layout
You have maximum control over your One Page Layout. You’ll be able to easily control the order of your pages, each page has it’s own set of colors, and you can specify widths for each page! Which is supercool, because you can only really do that in a horizontally scrolling design!
Check out this video tutorial and see for yourself how easy it is.

Unlimited Color Options!
Use a simple color picker (built right in) to customize header, font, footer, border colors. But don’t worry, we’re not going to make you design your own site from ground zero. You’ll pick a few colors, and we’ll repeat them all over the place for you. (pssst. – You can see the color options by clicking on “Screenshots” right next to the “Live Preview”)

Even More Colors!
Unlimited Colors isn’t enough ? That’s what we thought.
You can also assign a specific color to each of your posts and portfolio entries to enhance the browsing experience and convey a specific mood to your users just by few simple clicks.

Acid is built for users!
You shouldn’t be relearning how to use WordPress admin panel each time you buy a theme. That’s why we’ve simplified it down to just a few controls that rely on native WordPress functions and User Interface. Remember we said Acid is something you’ve never seen before ? Well the Admin panel is everything you’ve seen before, and that’s a good thing, right ?

The Feature List

  • WordPress 4.1 support
  • Translation Ready!
  • One Page Design
  • Mini Parallax
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Unique colors for each Post and Page
  • Awesome Post-to-Post Navigation
  • Responsive design ( Tested on iOS and Android )
  • Horizontal Scroll
  • 2 ways to display your portfolio ( case study or popup )
  • Retina-ready social icons
  • Custom Logo Upload Options
  • Unlimited Post and Portfolio color option
  • Load unlimited background patterns and images
  • 343 font icons
  • Sample content included
  • Widgetized footer
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Option to turn on and off the footer
  • Multiple Shortcodes
  • Built With HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery and Coffeescript


  == Acid 1.4.6,  May 22, 2015:      - Fix: js--ignore on a horizontal entry link will now completely stop the default function from executing     - Update: Style HTML5 Text inputs     - Update: Add basic WPCF7 styles     - Update: Improve font-sizes in blog archives     - Update: Prettier blog tag/category archive titles     - Fix: Horizontal entries     - Update: Disable Jetpack Photon if Jetpack is activated     - Update: Remove support for older versions than WordPress 3.5.2     - Fix: Now accent color also changes background color of selection   == Acid 1.4.5,  May 13, 2015:      - Fix: Pop-up portfolio style   == Acid 1.4.4,  May 12, 2015:      - Fix: PHP 5.2.4 anonymous function error     - Fix: Sidebar Overrides   == Acid 1.4.3,  May 12, 2015:      - Update: Responsive Improvements     - Fix: Empty responsive menu link     - Fix: Case study portfolio style     - Fix: Portfolio Layout page template  == Acid 1.4.2,  Apr 26, 2015:      - Update: Remove telephone format detection on iOS  == Acid 1.4.1,  Apr 26, 2015:      - Update: WordPress Security Fix for TGM Plugin Activation   == Acid-1.4.0     - Fix: Quote symbols     - Update: Enable webkit font smoothing in header     - Update: Prettify "Edit" button for horizontal entries     - Update: Add date display in horizontal blog layout     - Update: Add option top hide date in blog posts     - Update: New logo positioning options     - Update: Display vertical scrollbar in when there is too much content in Horizontal Layout     - Update: Add option to vertically center horizontal content     - Update: Change default one-page entry count     - Update: Improve horizontal link handling     - Update: Ajax-popup is now scrollable     - Update: Remove "Pure Social Icons"      - Fix: Horizontal arrow position     - Update: Fade site out while AJAX Pop-up  is loading     - Fix: AJAX Loading Pop-up height     - Update: Added support for 2 and 4 widgets     - Update: Enable "cmd/ctrl + click" for adjacent posts     - Update: Improve ajax animation     - Fix: Restless Footer Syndrome ( Fidgety Footer )     - Update: Improve Case Study     - Update: Improve site fade-in     - Update: Remove menu link outline     - Update: Blog Archives are now Horizontally Scrollable     - Update: New theme options panel     - Fixed: Content display on One Page Layout   == Acid-1.3.7     - Fix: WordPress 4.1 Customizer Compatibility   == Acid-1.3.6     - Updated: Demo sample content .xml files     - Updated: Minor Performance Improvements     - Fixed: Cover image no longer disappears after dragging back instead of scrolling     - Fixed: Scrollbar not updating after horizontal window resize   == Acid-1.3.5     - Updated: Comments styling & fixed trackbacks     - Updated: Background Color & Image Options enabled in "Appearance -> Background"      - Updated: Heavily improve horizontal layout calculation     - Updated: Clean up AJAX Toggle     - Added: Horizontal-Scroll fade in on page load  == Acid 1.3.4     - Fixed: Normalized layout in IE8  == Acid 1.3.3     - Fixed: Post colors are now available ( was broken in version 1.3.0 and 1.3.2 version missed posts )   == Acid 1.3.2     - Fixed: Portfollio post colors are now available ( was broken in version 1.3.0 )   == Acid 1.3.1     - Updated: Fixed: The image now is sized always correctly in FireFox   == Acid 1.3.0     - Updated: Footer transition is now smoother than a dolphins skin.     - Added: Option to easily disable credits link in the footer     - Added: "One Page Child: Cover Image" for those breathtaking, screensfilling photos of yours!     - Updated: Load a child-themes style if there is one available after loading Acid Styles     - Updated: Minor performance tweaks   == Acid 1.2.0     - Updated: Minor Performance Tweaks     - Updated: A Bunch of Responsive Improvements     - Updated: Added "pure_mini" thumbnail for Portfolio Slider Navigation     - Added: Video Support in for Portfolio Entries in "Case Study Mode"      - Updated: Dates Removed from Portfolio Entries for Responsive Views     - Updated: Tooltip Small Performance improvements     - Updated: Can Close Ajax Popup with "Escape" key (ESC)     - Rewritten: Completely rewritten 'with-ajax' functionality   == Acid 1.1.13     - Updated: Modified tinyscrollbar even more. Now events are fired after updating manually. (with keyboard for example)   == Acid 1.1.12     - Added: default.po and files for i18n (Internationalization)   == Acid 1.1.11      - Updated: Bug workaround updated for WordPress 3.5.2     - Updated: Pure Shortcodes Plugin 1.0.6     - Updated: Better margins for content images   == Acid 1.1.91     - Updated Pure Shortcodes to 1.0.5   == Acid 1.1.9     - Fixed: A bug in the grid   == Acid 1.1.8     - Added: Options to enable/disable Horizontal Scroll Hints   == Acid 1.1.7     - Fixed: Single Post styling issues     - Fixed: Secondary Color doesn't impact Form Active Font color anymore     - Fixed: Logo Enabled even when there is no Navigation     - Fixed: Additional Horizontal Scrollbar doesn't appear anymore when the title balloon pops out of the viewport.   == Acid 1.1.6     - Fixed: Child Theme support for Extended Options     - Fixed: Re-enabled switching from Responsive to Non-Responsive Layout     - Fixed: One Page Layout PHP Notice Error   == Acid 1.1.5     - Fix Portfolio Single View   == Acid 1.1.4     - Updated: Repackaged Pure Plugins     - New: Introduced Keyboard Navigation   == Acid 1.1.3     - Updated: Pure Shortcodes 1.0.4     - Fixed: Cleanup Portfolio Markup   == Acid 1.1.1     - Fixed: Unlimited Scroll Bug     - Fixed Pagination for Blog and Portfolio     - [pure_items] Shortcode now obeys portfolio type     - Portfolio Entry template adjustments  == Acid 1.1.0     - Added Portfolio Style Dropdown Customizer options     - Multiple CSS Fixes     - Invert Scroll on Mobile Devices     - Better Organization for IE     - JavaScript Cleanup     - Removed Jetpack Plugin Suggestion     - Added Gallery Metabox Plugin Suggestion     - Added Scrolling Hints     - Added Sliders in Portfolio     - Fixed: Mini Parallax wasn't showing up when there were no pagination     - Grid Improvements     - Added Extended Portfolio Design     - Add Portfolio Case Study options     - Made Footer Optional     - Fix an empty blog entry appearing on pagination     - Removed Scrollbar on the side on Chrome     - Fixed some Tinyscrollbar Bugs     - Cleanup single.php  == Acid 1.0.3     - PHP 5.2.4 Compitability     - Update Pure Shortcodes to 1.0.4  == Acid 1.0.0        - Initial Release 
Date: June 7, 2015